Night vision kept turning on despite having the settings OFF

we have 2 wyze first gen floodlights that will kept turning on the night vision even tho we specifically tell the floodlight to have the night vision OFF. This is annoying when the IR would turn on during daytime and would turn the footage grayscale, the only solution is to manually switch to “Auto” and it would sense the surrounding brightness and adjust back accordingly. At first we would leave the nightvision to “Auto”, it doesnt solve the problem so we changed it to OFF, but the camera wont kept the night vision OFF at all

Anyone had these before? we bought 7 floodlight and seems like 3 of them having same issue, we have latest update and everything

Sounds like a bug. That would normally be why software acts like a reset. You could try various things like an example to reinstall the app or clear its data.

I don’t know if its anything on your side that you can do something about. My opinion is if you try what you can or don’t know how then wait. Maybe within a year it will stop happening.

Do you share the camera with anybody? How many people have access to the main account? In the screenshot, it looks like you are connecting to the camera, do you wait until the app is connected to the live stream before making any changes to the night vision mode? When you’re attempting to change the mode status, I would wait till the live stream is connected. Then make your change, let it sit for a minute to make sure that it sinks with a cloud and then you should be okay to exit the live stream and or exit the app.

Have you contacted support about this issue yet?