Picture Quality of Wyzecam V3 vs V2

I’ve had a Wyzecam V2 for over a year. I recently purchased a V3 and am generally satisfied with it especially the improved night vision. However I’m surprised and disappointed with the new cameras video quality when tracking a detection. I’ve attached two video’s of yours truely walking through my gate. Both cameras are set up side by side, shooting through a window. The feed from the new cam has the WYZE logo on it. Notice how ‘blocky’ the image starts out at (roughly 6 metres from the camera), compared to the V2. I would have thought the higher frame rate of the v3 would have (if anything) improved the quality of captures…

It this a known thing with the V3? Is there a setting(s) issue?



I think it’s the compression. The V3 has much more aggressive compression (and pushes fewer bps) and maybe is waiting too long before acknowledging the change in those pixels.

Hi there,

Yes I saw a similar post in 2021 that talked about compression being a potential issue with the v3,

I guess what I’m missing is whether this is going to be ongoing. Firmware has been updated several times since those 2021 posts, clearly not addressing the issue. Is the issue caused by limitations of the hardware (ie the camera is not capable of handling the compression algorithms fast enough)? Now THAT would be disappointing.



I have no idea. My hope and assumption is that it IS a choice that they can change. It seems unlikely that only one level of compression and/or only one specific algorithm is baked in and unalterable.