Car Thieves - Wyze Cam V2 vs V3

We’ve had some trouble with car thieves at our apartment complex lately. I’ve had 3 Wyze Cam V2’s for a while now, and I have caught them in the act before. Unfortunately the footage wasn’t good enough to identify the suspects due to the black and white footage and 10fps. I just received my Wyze Cam V3 a week ago and lo and behold they came back. You can see how much better the color night vision is compared to the V2. The only thing I’ve noticed is some compression artifacts around moving objects. Still objects are fine though. Hopefully this can be fixed through firmware.


Definitely a big improvement! You can make out several details.

Unfortunately, I think it’s still not quite enough to identify their faces to get a conviction…maybe if you already knew who it was… If either the FPS rate was slightly higher OR the resolution was higher, then it would be enough to identify them by their faces. As it is, the face was still slightly too blurry…but you can clearly identify their clothes and many things that would be very useful.

Again, you are right about it being a huge improvement over the V2!

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It never fails to amaze me how many people leave vehicles unlocked.

And yes, the V3 looks a lot better.


I’m even more amazed that some people don’t even lock their homes, let alone their cars.


Poor guy only has 1 pair of pants. Why don’t you go outside and give him some money?

Like a bag of quarters upside the head


LOL. “bag of quarters”


Anyone that knows the guy would be able to ID him by his gait, hairstyle, and limited wardrobe.
Post the pic of his front facing and someone will recognize him.

I dont leave anything in my car. I had teenage thieves bust out a window and pop the lock off the trunk with a screwdriver. Only to find out that I keep a clean car and listen to [Mod Edit] music. (Based on the fact that the threw them in the yard a few houses down.

Fast Forward a few years and I have a Jeep that I love. Still nothing in my car… This time the thieves little brothers are walking out late and breaking into cars…They got into my car and stole… $2 in quarters that I was going to use for the car wash. All of the neighbors cars had the side windows broke out. wHo’S StUpId NoW NeIgHbOrZ???

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