Car thieves' escape

A neighbor reported his car was broken into overnight. Another neighbor caught it on an outdoor camera. Two SUVs pulled into the parking lot, the drivers hopped out and tested car doors, and then they drove off. Figuring the thieves would drive by my house on their escape, I checked my Wyze’s playback for that time. Sure enough. Here are the same two cars leaving. Both recordings have been turned over to the police.

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Good job!

Good catch, but would have been better if the WyzeCam was outside (better focus and less blur).

Yes, there uses for indoor cams, BUT you need to see what is going on outside. My Ring Cams and Ring Doorbell aren’t perfect, but they have paid for themselves (not cheap) by catching thieves, taggers, and vandals. In addition Ring has something call Ring Neighborhood where people in my area who have Ring devices can put out alerts of criminal activity caught on their Ring devices. Our police department is now even connected in and the apprehension rate has improved a lot, particularly for porch package thefts.

I like my WyzeCams for the “toy” that they are, but they have so much more possibility.

Wyze needs to start thinking “out of the box” and not just duplicate what the more expensive cams do, but approach it from a new more efficient and complete programming paradigm. You WyzeProgrammers are smart, do it.

Thanks for listening to my repetitive rant, with a purpose of success for Wyze.

Video cannot load for me?

If video doesn’t play embedded, just right-mouse-click and save link (or rather “file”) locally. Playback with your favorite choice of SW (I used VLC).

I am pretty sure Wyze does a lot of “thinking” outside the box and have great ideas in the pipe. For a company that has barely been around for a year, with a few very cool products on the market barely over 6 months, I am impressed. They have the HW, they are adding up the volumes. Adding additional services (paid?) and engaging communities are likely not long behind. That said, they also are working on refining current apps and fixing bugs - normal part of SW development - and that takes resources as well. All about priorities.

I am well aware of Ring’s “Neighborhood” - which is one option. In our town we have a very active FB based community that shares similar type of information (seems like people are up at all hours “capturing” stuff).

I have 2 of my Wyze cams outside - granted they are protected, one on my front porch and one on my deck. I can see very clearly what, if anything, happens. I’m not recording through glass and the picture is quite clear.

My community has a very active facebook page and we share any and all suspicious activity.

I did check on the Ring cameras (doorbell and other) and they’re starting price was way above my budget. Actually, I did extensive research on cameras and found nothing out there that even remotely compared to Wyze Cam. So, I paid $20 per camera and I can see everything I need to just fine and I’m a very happy camper.