Meet this girl who stole items from our car on 07-16-2020 at 5:24am


Welcome to the Wyze community Angel. :+1: I hope someone was able to identify your thief and your items were returned.

I noticed that you attempted to upload the associated video a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, new users don’t have permission to upload video. I’ll summon the Wyze @moderators to see if they can increase your trust level allowing you to upload your footage. Would love to see the video…

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hi Seaup,

Yes, I’m new to this forum. I like and have almost all Wyze products. Hoping you would be able to help me download the crime footage for awareness and hopefully to apprehend the 2 individuals.

Best regards!


Did you save the 12-second Event video or if you have an SD card in your cam, did you save the card’s footage for the event? If you haven’t already done so, you should file a police report and give them a copy of the video. Show the video and/or still shots to your neighbors and ask them if they recognize your thief.

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yes. the police already have the video footage. thanks!


OMG! Thats a girl?? euuuuuwwwww! Was your car locked? Did she break in?? I hope the cops are able to find this “pillar of the community” in order to put IT in a nice safe secure place for a good long time.

my wife guess she forgot to lock her car. our neighbor told us that they must have a device to know if the car was left unlocked because the girl went directly to thar car and just opened it.

For shame!