Prowler/thief arrested by police! Thanks WYZE!

This is the full video given to police. The prowler was identified and later arrested (turns out this was not this suspect’s first arrest). The first minute is the suspect coming into view across the street and urinating behind the red truck. Jump to 1:20 to see her crawl under our locked gate and make a beeline for our locked shed. I added locks and the WZYE cams after my bike was stolen from the shed 2 weeks earlier. She tried the new locks but the door won’t budge. So she moved on to our yard and picked 50 mandarin oranges off our tree before we noticed she was in our yard. We confronted her and asked her to leave – without the oranges. It wasn’t until we downloaded and reviewed the video that we saw she had a tool/weapon in her hand and that she had gone directly to the bike shed which indicated to me that she knew where she was headed. Haven’t gotten my bike back, but we feel more secure again. Quick results thanks to WyzeCam!

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She sure was slow…which is a good thing in this case.

Hope you get your stolen property back.

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I’m glad you busted her azz , I hate thieves .:angry:
I wish I would have had cams Set up When the guy got in my shed and stole my brand new backpack blower and a generator :rage:

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Glad you caught her. I hope to never be in a similar situation. I hope they added the public urination charges. She obviously needs assistance but that doesn’t give her or anyone the right to steal. There are programs meant to help people in need. I’d add another camera to view the fruit trees!

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Great Job!
Turning over the video to authorities.

I could only wish authorities In my city were that receptive.

For me confrontation definitely depends, on the value of the items. Those that were previously stoken and or currently attempted.

People who perpetrate theft, come in many shapes n variations of demeanor, civility n sanity. :open_mouth:

I too might confront one passively, in the act. But only time will tell.

Like you, I like a good deterrent!

Wyze cams, locks, robot sentries :wink: and last but not least, neighborhood watch n the police.

Hopefully the legal system n rehabilitation efforts. Help turn her life of crime around.


Agreed, it appears she needs assistance. And from what we were told by police, she does receive help but still keeps adding to her growing list of offenses: various charges ranging from prowling, burglary, theft, and drugs (which is probably why she steals). We love giving much of our garden produce to the community, neighbors and passersby – especially those in need! But coming into our yard with the intention of stealing – that stinks. And, yeah, I like the idea of more cameras. Not just for security – I love seeing wildlife passing through :slight_smile:

That is awesome! I wish I could have fruit trees in my climate, though I could do apples it would take years before they were producing. One of the reasons I would love an outdoor cam is because of where I live and love to see the wildlife around the house.


A small lawn statue was stolen. Reviewed the cloud storage. Gave the video to police. The thief hid his drugs under that statue. He then provided them to a passing car. All on tape. He is now in our county jail on multiple felonies.

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Presume your camera wasn’t a Pan…I’ new to this…So what were the settings that allowed you to have such a long video?..

That length of video would have been recorded by having an SD card installed in the camera.

Hi @joecic. Correct, we have 2 stationary cameras, not Pan. I’m interested in the Pan, but this was our first try. Plus we wanted to put them outside which I know isn’t necessarily recommended, but folks seem to be doing it and it’s working really well for us. We weren’t so sure how well Pan would do outdoors. We’re brand new to this too. But I’m figuring it out. As RickO explained, we have an SD card in each camera so that we have 24/7 recording. When each card gets full after about 3 days, they simply record over again starting with the oldest footage. Since the incident we recorded was that morning, we had plenty of time to retrieve the footage. We tried to download the footage via WiFi, but that didn’t work. So we just took out the SD card and put it in our computer and downloaded the footage from that time period. The files are recorded on the SD card in 1-minute increments. So we downloaded those 4 or 5 files/minutes that were labeled for that time period. I then pieced them together by dragging them into a free video software (Windows Movie Maker), saved the movie (and uploaded to YouTube). It helped me to think of the 12-second video alerts you’re used to are just there for your prompt to check your cameras for footage and/or as a hint at where to find the longer videos you’ll want. The good stuff – the full video is on the SD card. You can review the footage pretty easily over WiFi, but downloading and saving, for us, was much easier by popping out the SD cards directly. I hope that all makes sense and helps you along the way :slight_smile:


@bear Thanks for the further explanation. You may want to hop over the topic linked below and VOTE for it (button at the top of the page) to increase its chances of getting implemented…

U can take all feral cats creeping through my yard,
They are killing n chasing away all the wildlife, that I too, love dearly!

The feral cats, and similar animals like raccoons, are decimating entire populations of native wildlife. People go “Oh they are cute” but don’t realize the biological harm they cause.

One at a time for me.

Non Native species, like Feral cats first.

Our encroachment into the forest, woods n wetlands.

This Allows deer, squirrels, racoon n bears, Fox n other generalists to procreate way beyond the norm n throw nature outta balance.

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Raccoons are a destructive nuisance

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Same with humans. Talk about invasive species. Those 2-legged critters have wiped out 70% of all wildlife in just the past 50 years. They’ll probably take the rest of the living world down with them. And they aren’t even cute :wink: