Package thief stopped in his tracks!

Installed WYZE cam on Wednesday. Thursday I was working from home and got a notification that there was motion at the front door. Checked the clip and saw this guy trying to take off with a recently delivered package!

It happens occasionally here in San Francisco, but I’ve NEVER been able to bust anybody in the act before - thanks, Wyze!!


Wow! Great bust. Did you report it to the cops? Obviously they could have looked for a guy with a cane on a bicycle. But then again, like you say, it happened in San Francisco where I’m not sure the cops would have gotten excited about the attempted theft. Great you were able to stop him!


The police aren’t going to do anything, this happens all the time in SF but usually they take the package and keep going. This guy is bold.

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Yep, happens all the time. This is the Mission District - car break ins and thefts are common. I had my bike stolen and the cops took 4 days to show up to write the report! It’s just not a priority. But like any big city, you just take extra precautions to lock up your stuff and not leave valuables in sight.

And luckily Wyze is helping me catch these guys now, because as you can clearly see, my dog is useless in that department :smile:


The perfect hope of every Wyze cam owner. Wyze Caught! A small investment with a big return. Great video. :grin:


25 dollar camera paid for itself right there.


That’s great, did it detect a person?

Living in San Francisco Bay Area do we expect anything less. Personally I would have taken his can and bent it over his head.

yah catch and release them. waste of time as it just continues to happen.

One day I’m going to set up a BB gun and figure out how to get Alexa to pull the trigger.
Now that would complete a Wyze security system.