I have 4 cameras, Porch Pirates beware!

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Better hope they come 5 minutes apart. :wink:


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Welcome to the Wyze community! I hope you catch your pirate. :+1:

Hope they don’t steal your cameras.:slightly_smiling_face:

My dogs do back up duty.

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My dog does Person Detection. She barks and the camera picks up the sound.:slightly_smiling_face:


You might want to point all 4 and you’ll still have to pray. I have two pointed at the front entrance and Wyze randomly decided that it would corrupt / fail to store the delivery we received tonight. The other camera, 5 feet away, caught part of it. It’s really not funny. This service can’t be counted on.

I received a delivery this morning. My driveway camera sent the 12 second video to the WYZE server, my front door camera detected movement, identified it as a person but won’t play the video.
I get this message:

So, according to WYZE the video doesn’t exist yet their server identified it as Person Detection.

I have a Ring Doorbell as well. So far the only thing I haven’t been able to catch are the deer that think it’s a good idea to cut through my yard instead of using the sidewalk. Poaching is still illegal. so for now they are safe.

Yup. I don’t even have person detection turned on but that’s the message I get on the iOS client. The Android client just returns “download failed” for that motion event. And yet it shows a single frame of the delivery guy approaching. The other camera has a successful cloud clip for the end of that same delivery.

This is not acceptable behavior.

We shouldn’t hijack the OP’s thread.
Afterall, it is his first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right. Don’t let my growing bitterness get you down, Congaboy1992. You may in all likelihood have a much better experience. Enjoy the new cameras, seriously.