Porch pirate foiled!

I made an order through Amazon that was to be delivered before I got home from work today hopfully around the time my wife would be taking our dog for a walk. Well it sorta worked out. My wife walked the dog and was back just 10 min before the Wyze Cam captured the Amazon Courier deliver the package. 

 But 3 hours later the Wyze Cam I have mounted inside the door just above a window in the door captureing from the sidewalk in front of the home all the way down to the last 18 inches to the door. Well as designed the Wyze camera cause one of our property maintenence workers parking thier golf cart right in front picking up trash, but just as he was about to leave he saw the Small Amazon Package leaning against the door.

I think he tought our cameras were just for show or thought we didnt check them but when I got home and the package wasnt there I did check the cameras and sure enough I saw the deliver and hours later the theft by the maintenence worker.  I downloaded copies and showed them to the managers of the property who shared the same video with the staffing agency the thief worked for and I saved copies for the police report Im waiting to file.    The Clean up Crook has been captured.  I can upload the video here if WYZE WANTS IT.    The system says Im too new to upload. At 57 Im "too new."

I may feature this in the local news, I happen to be a photojournalist with a local news station.


Welcome to the Wyze community @jhegbert!
I’m glad you got the thief!:+1:
If you’d like to upload the footage, the @Mods may be able to escalate your trust level so you can upload.

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I have upped your trust level so you can post the video if you would like


My first thought was: Wait, you are in an area where you have 'Property Maintenance Workers" who drive around doing their jobs on golf carts, presumably frequently on your property, and you have Wyze cams as your primary security?

That is cool, and it obviously worked great! I do something similar (watching my porch), though I use both a Wyze and an Eufy. Eufy is more reliable with no cool down, 2K recording, nearly flawless PD, etc…
But Wyze allows me to use some awesome integrated rules with contact and motion sensors. Having both means i never miss anything when one’s weaknesses cause issues.

Question: so did you actually get the package back, get a reimbursement from the company, or just the satisfaction of revenge?


@jhegbert, is that your story? Or one that you found and want to highlight?

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2nd clip was too big.