Doorbell Pro FAIL!

WOW. Yet another EPIC Wyze fail.

Backstory: Two tweakers broke into the vacant home across the street. I confronted then after calling the property manager. He called PD and games ensued.

Now: I got a delayed motion alert from two of my Wyze 3 cams: person recognized. Log in to see a car driving off, wtf? Look at the camera clip and this guy, same tweaker, races up my driveway (~100ft) parks, jumps out, URINATES ON MY DRIVEWAY, and takes off. HE LITERALLY PARKED 2 FEET FROM MY DOORBELL PRO WHICH RECOGNIZED AND RECORDED NOTHING! No vehicle, no person, NADA!!! I would have had perfect license plate, face, other stuff, BUT NO! Yet again Wyze fails me AGAIN in the single reason I need it!

I can’t get these things to shut up any time a bird chirps but god forbid an actual incident occurs and I get NOTHING.



That would be frustrating. It sounds like you got enough to recognize it was the same guy, so hopefully sending what you do have to police can be helpful.

Since the Doorbell cams don’t support SD cards to record continuously, I decided to also make sure to place a V3 watching my front yard as well, so that I can have something with continuous recording and not rely on sensitivity settings, PIR, or if a person isn’t moving enough or other issues that can be involved with doorbell cameras and battery cameras with most companies.

I hope the PD can use what you have for now. If they identify the guy, he could get criminal charges for that. It sounds like these guys aren’t thinking straight and they’re mad at you, so keep safe and take precautions. I like having neighbors like you who will look out for the rest of the neighborhood’s safety when there is something suspicious like this.

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Out of curiosity, how do you have the Doorbell setup (Wired or Battery)? Plus what are the settings you decided to use?

Asking as I have the Video Doorbell (VDB) v1 and am looking at putting in the Pro this weekend. Wanted to do a comparison.

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Now, I don’t know because I don’t have a wyze doorbell, BUT I use Amazon Alexa and/or IFTTT routines to trigger recordings on my wyze cams. For example, when one camera detects motion, it will trigger a recording on another. I get a few duplicate recordings, but it has worked for me pretty well. I also can use my ring doorbell or ring path lights to trigger motion recording on my wyze cams.

I know it’s not an elegant solution, but it may be a workaround for times when motion isn’t picked up by the needed camera.


Redundancy and overlapping coverage with different brand cameras is the only way wyze brand cameras are effective. Had wyze exclusively until a similar situation occurred with the same outcome. I lived and learned.


Even my ring doorbell has trouble picking up motion. The ring path lights actually solved most of my issues in regards to recording just motion I wanted.

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It’s battery. I have it set for motion (people and vehicle) and it usually won’t shut up. I opened the roll up it’s next to and it picked up the sound before I was even outside. I barely get an arm in the picture and it’s sending me notifications. I have NO IDEA how it couldn’t pick him up.

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Luckily they cited both the clowns last night so they have records and I know the officers so they will just tack it on to the rest of their outstanding charges the courts refuse to do anything about. That stupid house has caused multiple drive by’s, countless break ins, fires, vandalism. The damn thing is condemned but they refuse to tear it down.

Sounds like it was a Meth lab. I’d definitely get a second camera watching it on continuous recording.

Empty Driveway




Doorbell Frame


How far in the pic I was when it recorded


Oh yeah, that would’ve been a great shot! Dang.

Mine has been working pretty well. I did turn my sensitivity level down a little bit just so it wouldn’t keep notifying me of every vehicle driving down the road, but would still tell me about anyone coming up to the house. I hope they add in some more control options like a detection zone, etc.

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Just a thought from looking at the pictures you posted…the one triggered by your arm appears you are moving left to right across the camera. The problem car comes right towards the camera. Not sure but I know there tend to be problems triggering motion if the object is coming directly at the sensor for many devices.

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Interesting. Now that you mention I have noticed this, but didn’t know why. I just looked it up.

Thanks for sharing! I am going to rearrange how a couple of my Motion sensors are organized now. This might solve some of my no response / slow response issues on some automations. I didn’t realize this was something to take into account.

I have seen a lot of people complaining that Ring Battery operated Doorbells (which use PIR), often fail to capture porch pirates because the thieves come straight at the doorbell, so it never triggers until they’re running away, and it never gets their faces. I always wondered why they were so bad at that…now I know. Great info!


I was reading some articles about this very thing when I smoked my VDBP trying to get more info on the PIR sensor.

This video was also very helpful


Yep, my ring doorbell had that issue. I ended up purchasing their battery operated path lights that have motion sensors and they definitely did the trick. I just use those to trigger the doorbell to record. I was in the market for path lights anyway, so it worked out.


Let us know how it works out for you.

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Apparently super speedy meth heads have immunity to motion detection!

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