Utterly Disappointed with Wyze Doorbell Camera Performance and Negligent Practices

I have reached the end of my tether with the Wyze doorbell camera. The device, for which I had high hopes, has repeatedly failed to provide its most basic function, despite setting motion detection to high.

Case in point, this morning, a package was delivered to our stairwell. Hours later, our dogs alerted us to an intruder, and to our horror, the package was gone, and the gate was left open. Not a single recording was available in my doorcam’s archives - neither of the delivery driver nor the thief. A key feature I specifically purchased the camera for, was missing in action.

Upon further investigation, I noticed a new “record only AI events” option in the doorbell settings, seemingly a change made without my consent. This cavalier switch is not only intrusive but also disastrous. The inability of Wyze to anticipate the potential consequences of such an unannounced change is mind-boggling and outright negligent.

Moreover, it’s clear that the AI model Wyze is employing is ill-prepared for effective use. If this was a beta test, it has unequivocally failed, at the expense of us, the users.

This incident marks the second time a theft has occurred at our residence with the Wyze camera failing to fulfill its basic duty. I am left to wonder how a company, with whom I’ve invested thousands of dollars, can be so careless with its products and, by extension, our safety.

I am writing this post not only as an expression of my deep frustration but as a warning to potential Wyze customers. Until they rectify their reckless decision-making and enhance their product functionality, I advise against putting your faith, and your hard-earned money, into Wyze products.

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Well, this is not fun and I am sorry you got robbed. And your point is totally valid.

Meanwhile, I have a different experience with my Video Doorbell, showing me footage and alerting me every day the mailman gets in front of it.

Some food for thought here:

  • Have you tested your setup to validate that the detection is working properly?
  • Do you have an exclusion zone defined?
  • Did you go through all camera and detection options?

Hi Christiano,

These are good questions. The camera was tested thoroughly and I was getting appropriate detection/footage on the doorcam for about a year. (2) we did set up a small exclusion zone that we have had set up for the past year but this did not seem to affect detection(3) did go through alll the options. I haven’t made any adjustments for months, and they was why I was so surprised that my camera was on the “Record AI events” because I want to err on the side of capturing more rather than fewer events.

When I turned off the “record ai events only” and switched to motion detection, the camera is back to capturing events as it typically does.