Wyze SD card stolen

The sd card was stolen from my wyze cam pan tonight, and I’m absolutely sick thinking about what a violation of my privacy this is.

Please, I am praying against all Odds that there is some sort of security built into it so that you can’t view the images without a Password or something? I’m sorry, I know this Info is available online but I am honestly too emotionally wrecked to look for it now.

Also, is this somethinb I can report to the police? Obviously my video taped proof disappeared with that card but there were only two people at my house tonight (this couple who I am sure stole the card) and they also turned the camera off when they did that. When I first plugged the camera in for about 15 seconds I could see tbat several videos had been created when they were heee but they all disappeared I guess as soon as the camera realized the card was missing.

I’m thinking now though some of their visit should be saved on cam plus even if I don’t pay for it??? I don’t know how that works.

If anyone can help me with any of these questions I would appreciate it. Going back to alerting the police about the theft of the SD card, I know that it is not a very valuable item in terms of money, but it came from a room in my house, where I would be changing clothes and possibly engaging in other adult behavior that I would not want anyone else to see. I know it was stupid to have a camera in here in the first place but obviously I have issues with theft at my house.

Unfortunately no. The video files can be accessed without a password, although they aren’t easily found or played. The video is saved as a collection of 1 minute video files within subfolders on the card.

Any theft can be reported to the police.

If they unplugged the cam prior to removal of the SD card, then there will be no cloud saved Events produced in the Events tab of the actual theft, only motion leading up to it so long as you had the Detects Motion setting on in Event Recording. However, anything that was recorded to the cloud prior to being unplugged will remain in your Events tab for 14 days. With no subscription, these will only be thumbnail snapshot images, not video.

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Unfortunately if you don’t have cam plus, your camera won’t be saving full length motion cloud events even if the motion detect is enabled. Did you have “detect motion” enabled under the event recording menu? This is part of the cloud storage settings and if you don’t have Camplus or camplus lite, just a thumbnail will be available in the event tab marking the motion.


Yup, as other said, without a subscription the most you can get is thumbnails. If your lucky a thumbnail could contain the theifs faces, so its worth checking your event tab in the app. If its not there, it doesnt exist.

I agree.
And for the reasons you stated above, I never use these cams inside my home. But we all have different reasons and uses for theses cams. That couple who alledgedly stole the “SD card” knew what they wanted. They could have easily taken the whole cam if they wanted. They just wanted the video. And that is nasty and a clear violation of privacy. The price of the SD card is a mute point. The value is only in the contents of the SD card. Sorry about the incident.

I agree there should be an encryption option implemented into the WYZE software for encrypting the sensitive data collected on our WYZE cameras. I understand for the cheap price of this great equipment encryption tasks would probably require some beefing up of the hardware. Which obviously would raise the purchase price of the cams. I try to mount my three cams up high on ceiling or or hard to reach area that no one can quickly pop out my SD card. And also, you can point your cams in different directions but try to have a visual on at least one of the other cams or network equipment(router, switch, etc) in the frame of one of the other cams u have. Usually a bedroom would only have one cam unfortunately. Iv also been known to have a camera not obviously displayed (hidden maybe) therefore no one knew about it. We’re in our own homes, don’t feel bad for having a cam hidden away to check the creditability of a guest or friend.

If the theif has access to the wyze cam, (i.e. its not behind a pane of glass), then it offers no protection, & was only a liabilty to your privacy. This in my opinion is a fair tradeoff at this price point, where the SD card is in the camera & not in another room). Wyze does not have to change anything here.

i disagree with the encryption idea, the Wyze cam can barely playback unencrypted video as is today, see below thread.

vote this if you feel encryption is good idea