Encrypted SD Storage

Request to encrypt data stored on microSD card so it can’t be viewed outside of app. Option to enable/disable of course.
Background: I keep a Wyze Cam on my desk at work. I don’t want others to pop out the SD card and watch the videos.

A cool security add would allow the wyzecam to encrypt the local SD card so that if someone were to pull it they couldn’t access the video without a password.

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This seems like a good idea. And it seems like it would be fairly simple to implement, although whoever would be in charge of actually implementing it might disagree. Haha

I found a work around. I super-glued my microSD cards into my Wyze cams. Someone could technically get around this but it would be a lot of work and would be obvious if one were to look.

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Ha. Well, that’s great until the SD card fails. SD card failure is a question of “when,” not “if”. If you’re using a high endurance card, it should last a couple of years hopefully. But I wouldn’t really want to glue the card into my camera.


Now that is funny, technically speaking.

I am using Samsung pro high endurance cards. I’ve had excellent luck with these model cards before so I’m OK with it. I guess I can Dremel the top of the card out in the future if need be. At least these cameras are only twenty dollars too!

You have an excellent point though!

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This is ESSENTIAL. What if someone robs my house… then the thief has DAYS worth of private video of me in my house… heck… it could even have a credit card number I read out loud on the phone, etc… I am amazed this was not built in from the start

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100% agree, SD encryption is essential

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Are there any cameras that offer this? I’m just curious. I’ve never heard of one. I’m wondering what the method would even be. I don’t really know enough about encryption technology. If the volume itself is encrypted, does the camera’s processor need to do additional work to encrypt every time it writes data, for example? If so, it might not be possible with this generation of Wyze cameras. The processing power is pretty limited.

Beyond that, if the volume is encrypted, does that mean you’d need to enter a password every time the camera restarts? If I encrypt a hard drive or partition, I have to enter the password before I unlock it, for example. I’m just trying to think about whether it seems like it would be possible, and what the implications might be.

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I don’t know if other cameras do it. If they don’t… all the more reason for Wyze to do it to stand out!

As for processing power, you can check out the E2EE suggestion (End-to-End encryption (E2EE)) - someone there mentioned…

Not necessarily. You can encrypt only some parts (beginning) of keyframes and that will be enough not to allowing to decrypt it. This is how it is done in Yi and CamHi cameras.

Hopefully, this could be done with the current processing power.

As for the password needed on reboot… I suppose the most secure way (particularly assuming they enable true E2EE/Zero Knowledge, would be that you would have to either type the password, or click a button on your phone and that would securely get the needed password to the camera. Other options that are less secure but still WAY better than nothing, would be to store the password in firmware on the camera, or to store it in the wyze user account. This would still prevent people from being able to remove the SD card and view the video. :slight_smile:

If it’s a possibility, I’m definitely all for it. I’m just curious how possible/challenging it might be for them.

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As long as they provide a tool to decrypt out of the app…I have had issues in the past with the app and I personally would want the raw MP4 file to distribute to police when needed.

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Perhaps they could offer encryption option for SD if they can’t make it work for HD :slight_smile: - or lower the frame rate… I’d be totally happy with just a handful of encrypted frames per second as opposed to smooth video… just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I am looking for this feature. Got burned by someone being able to remove my SD card and read in another computer. Seems many manufacturers don’t address this directly in their description of products. Please list on here if you find one!

I did find that the Victure PC530 lists the following capability: “The unique encryption technology is adopted by this IP camera to save videos on micro SD card. Nobody can copy the SD card’s video file through the card reader even when your camera or SD card is stolen. Video files in SD card can only be accessed by yourself in your own account.”

I find it LAME that despite efforts put into the capabilities of security cameras, this OBVIOUS need is not typically addressed. My last android cell phone gave me the option of how I wanted to format the SD card…as removable or encrypted. I’m not sure about my current one.

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Request to have SD cards on Wyzecams encrypted please. The second a thief steals the cam or just removes the SD card they now have access to your most private moments. Please upvote and request. Thanks.

I definitely think this needs to become a priority. A lot of people have their camera hanging literally by magnets… the alternative would be to offer a nvr for storage within the house which requires a password to access. I hate not having 24/7 storage so I use the SD card but I also hate the thought of how easily someone could pop the card out and watch everything

local storage definitely needs encryption or it could do more harm than good

Wish wyze can add this feature to the next generation of cams.

Yes please!!

I just switched to an Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from iphone and I was able to insert a micro SD card and encrypt it from my phone.

I would also love to have this feature for the SD cards in wyze cameras. Security is important!!!