Is the SD card secured?

In the event that a camera with an SD card gets stolen or if someone takes the SD card out from the camera, would they be able to view its contents? Is it encrypted?

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The original encoding is, I believe, H.264 which can be played back with VLC. There is no encryption that I am aware of.

Chris1 is correct. If it is stolen, they can view anything recorded to that SD card.

That’s pretty scary considering I live alone with camera running on continuous record and 9x out of 10 I’m not thinking twice about what I’m doing, if I’m changing right out of the shower… u get my drift. Never really cared about the whole upload to the cloud etc since I trust no company 100%, however, if I’m using poor judgment and need to turn off SD card usage where the risk of secure data is my personal responsibility, it’s good to know. Thanks for the responses!!! Cheers!


I leave a naked photo of myself by the camera.
Haven’t had a camera or SD card stolen yet. :smile:



That may not work for everyone.


Exactly. However my SD card definitely harbors even worse content, that I’m sure of lol.

Fresh daily. Blehhh. Anyway…

(Long story short; I verified myself using a windows laptop that the files are NOT encrypted nor has any security measure been taken regarding the data/video/images on the SD card)

  • I contacted Wyze via the help channel ( the email option ) and it was as if the person/robot on the other end didn’t even read it. I was insulting. They must have seen the word “security” and then (no joke) sent back in the reply email a cut and paste verbatim of their security policy that I’d already found on the website, which btw doesn’t even go into specifics regarding the data sitting on the device itself. If one were to read it swiftly, one might come off, under the impression, as I did, that all data was encrypted on the device with the mention of security encryption keys that are on the device (maybe read that wrong- not a “cut and paste” kind of person) and being all about how security is a major priority, etc… Anyway, I answered my own question by just taking out the SD card and inserting it into my computer. The card is NOT secure. You can view everything on the SD card bypassing the app (think of a stalker or just some pervert who just stole your camera) using this method. Surprisingly, the video didn’t even use a proprietary file type, something I expected, which would at least make it cumbersome to view without asking how or getting the codec. I hope I didn’t give wyze any ideas for free. Sooo, I’m taking the cards out. All in all it’s a great system! Overall security is appears pretty stout and solid vs the “ turn an old cell phone into a security cam with an app” method I had been using. Wyze cameras are inexpensive, made exclusively for surveillance, servers are free, Wyze is the first option I would suggest to anyone looking to have the luxury of a security/surveillance camera in their home or maybe just a camera to keep an eye on the dog or to yell at the kids to stay out of the cookie jar until you get home lol. I just hope they don’t get greedy cause this is the best set-up I’ve come across and I’m all about this kind of thing. If ever you get robbed like I did and have everything of value stolen, you realize how much relief it is to have those extra eyes :eyes: watching over the place to help with the PTS. Cheers everyone!!! Thanks for the answers.

Danny McCloskey CG(ASCP)cm