Retrieving footage

We have had a laptop stolen from within our office, and the camera that covers the area doesn’t have an SD card in it. Is this footage saved in the cloud, and if so, how do I retrieve?

@grant1 Welcome to the Wyze community! If the camera captured the thief, you will find it under the “events tab” in the Wyze app. This is where the 12 sec video clips are viewed and stored on the cloud for 14 days. If you know what day the laptop was stolen, you may be able to find the video clip by scrolling through the 12 sec event clips.

Hopefully the theft didn’t occur between the 5 minute cool down period. Unfortunately, if this would be the case, you probably will not have any footage stored to the cloud. :pensive:

If the camera would’ve had a mSD card in it and set to continuous recording, you would have captured the whole theft. I highly recommend installing at least a 32 GB mSD card in the camera so you will have local storage available at hand.


Um it could actually be worse. If they were just using the camera for live monitoring, Event Recording / Detects Motion might not have been on at all, so no recordings, period. Hope that’s not the case.


Very true. I hope not either.


If it was up to me (which it’s not, bummer) I’d say some level of SD cards are required in all cameras. If you bought a camera you bought it to watch something. That something must have some level of importance to you that you want to watch it. A SD card (if set to continuous) allows your camera to have a recorded set of eyes (ok, just one cyclops eye :eye: ) on your something 24/7. It’s reassurance, or entertainment, how ever you look it at. Disclaimer:IMO. :slight_smile:

I hope the OP has some cloud recording snippet that helps them solve their issue.


This is unfortunately not the case. We were only supplied one SD card which is in another camera, and we do not have events set up… Sounds like we are out of luck…
Thanks to you all for the input.

You’re sure? You go to camera, Gear icon / Device Settings, Event Recording, and you just see this? Sorry to hear.

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