Recording if Stolen

Thinking about my wyze cameras that are setup. If someone breaks into my house and my wyze cameras is recording the person. Then the person notices the camera and steals the camera. I don’t have any video of this person. Since my recordings are on the SD card that is on the stolen camera. Am I missing something or is this true. I know I could pay for cloud storage but if I don’t I’m screwed. The blink cameras give you free storage.

You have free cloud storage with Wyze as well. 14 days of 12 second videos. And of course you can pay for even longer videos if you choose.

All of that aside yes if the camera is stolen the videos on the SD card are gone as well. So you would only have the cloud videos, either the 14 days of free ones or the CMC ones for 1.50 or so a camera per month.

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Well how do I access the cloud video of a camera that is offline because it was stolen.

It’s still in the cloud. You go to the app and click “events”


Ok, but if I had continuous recording on it doesn’t show in events.

Using your smartphone or device open up the Wyze app and tap on the “Event Videos” that are stored on the cloud. These video clips are separate from the microSD card recordings.


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I see the events tab, but I don’t see an option for cloud storage.

The events tab is all the recordings that are on the cloud


That’s correct. The continuous recordings are NOT in the cloud. However, there’s a new feature they’re rolling out very soon called “Complete Motion Capture” that will store full-length event videos in the cloud for $1.49/month. It’s not continuous recording, but it will record full-length events with no cooldown period.

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That’s correct. Continuous recording is a feature that is tied to the SD card. It does not show up in events. There are several items on the #wishlist which would help such as supporting recording video on a NAS.

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Is that$1.49 a month for all cameras or per camera

Per camera

Thanks Jason/Crow