Is there a way to recover this footage?

I have a camera I havent used in months. Turned off in the Wyze app. I felt I might need it, so went into the Wyze app and pressed the On button.

Then later I actually did need that footage, opened the app and went to the camera, and it was on a firmware update popup. I updated and then opened the camera and all the footage before I updated said no video.

Is there any way to see / recover that? It may be wanted by law enforcement

Is the footage on a micro SD card? Try putting the card in a computer to view footage.
If it’s cloud recording you may be out of luck because it does get deleted and Wyze may not access to recover the video.

Ah, cool. Will try that, I’m pretty sure there’s a card in there.

I got the SD card and put it in a reader and I see a bunch of videos, but when I play em they are black screen with no sound. They are labeled mp4, and i tried a few different players including VLC.

There is a setting to record sound. Sounds like you have it set to no record sound.

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