Wyze camera is corrupting and locking the SD cards

Wyze camera is corrupting and locking the SD cards.

Two of my Wyze cameras I bought a few months were working fine with their PNY 64GB SD card and they suddenly stopped recording. I removed and tried to read the SD card in my computer. I can view all the recordings in the SD card, but I cannot delete files or format the SD card. It somehow became write-protected though I can still view the vidoes. I changed to a new SD card in the Wyze camara. Exact same problem occurred again. I even tried reformatting SD card in the Wyze camera using the Wyze app. I have not gone thru three PNY 64GB cards and now they are useless. THe Wyze camera seems to be somehow corrupting the SD cards every time I insert them in the Wyze camera. I cannot afford to waste more SD cards.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing? The Wyze cameras are corrupting and locking the SD cards.

Before declaring your cards unusable, please try doing low-level reformats on your cards from a computer using the official SD Memory Card Formatter app. Select “Overwrite format”, not “Quick format” and leave “CHS format size adjustment” unchecked.


You may also wish to invest in high-endurance SD cards specifically designed for cam use. I use these, but other manufacturers also market high-endurance cards.


Yes. I tried different apps for complete format. I tried the sdcard.org app as well. Same problem. I attached a picture here. I get a write-protect error. And the card is not physically write-protected. Not sure why Wyze camera is corrupting the cards.

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Are you using an SD card adapter with a lock switch or does your card itself have a lock switch?


Thanks. Absolutely, I double-checked. The SD card does not have a lock and the adapter is not locked. My SD card worked perfectly in computer before inserting them in the Wyze camera. I checked it.

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I’m stumped/out of ideas. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I’m running over 50 cams doing continuous recording to Samsung high endurance cards…every cam type Wyze has marketed except Cam v1. Never experienced a card failure and some cards are approaching 5 years of continuous writing. At this point, the only possible explanations that I can think of are bad batch of/faulty cam SD slots, faulty cards or cards not engineered to continuous writing standards and reached EOL. I suspect the latter. When most cards reach end-of-life (as determined onboard), card firmware locks card for read-only use so data can be recovered vs allowing further degradation leading to meltdown or irrecoverable data. I’m pretty sure PNY takes this approach. Perhaps @Mavens can chime in with some other steps to check that I’ve missed…


If by chance it’s corrupted the partition that has the main memory files for the card itself on it the card is probably fried. I’ve run into that in the past not with our cameras but on other devices and I could not find a fix for it

By chance what model cards are they?

PNY has quite a selection available

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