Wyze cam Corrupted sd card?

In Feb 2020 I purchased a Samsung microsd card for my Wyze Pan cam. Worked great for storing local video. Could review video from any time of day or night. Today I had an issue where I had to get local police involved, and when I went to pull up footage, it said no video was available, from any date. I eventually gave up and had wyze reformat the card. Now it just says no card is available. I reseated the card, restarted the camera, still no change. Firmware is up to date, Suggestions?

I’ve had a similar problem since the last update. Cameras work but some of them loose recording to card. I have rebooted the cameras and reformatted the cards and while they always say card not formatted. It does actually and starts working. I have had this problem on 3 of my 10 cam pans. My v2 has been working correctly. Before the last update the video had been recording for well over a year without problems. I am running 128Gb Samsung High endurance cards in all my cameras. Regards

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Thank you!