SD Card Issues (hardware? software?)

Today I noticed that none of my cameras have been saving video the SD card since 7/31 (7/31 was the last date). All my active Wyze cams (11 active, two idle), various models including v1, v2, Pan, and Outdoor, have SD cards installed. None of them have any video after 7/31 even though all have record events set to on. I can’t recall what day I did the last firmware update, but all are running the latest firmware available.

First, you can try power cycling your cam. If it doesn’t resolved your issue go through the Advanced settings of the config section.
Do you see something like this. (Photo) It could be set to record event only or continuous recording, no matter, but you must see the memory available. If there is nothing try formatting the card if you have this option in color. If not, remove the card and format it with a computer.

The microSD cards may have become corrupted. You need to take each one of them out, stick them in a computer, and format them again. A good utility to use is free from the makers of the microSD card specs SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association

Guys, no. 13 cameras all at the same time. I have often noted that Wyze SD reliability is so poor that I recommend simply pretending the cards aren’t there, but this is not a random corruption. There must be an explanation for the poster.

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Lots of things can cause it, anything from firmware updates to brownouts/blackouts to noise in the lines.

I have seen lots of microSD card get corrupted on Wyze cams for no logical reason, and they were high quality microSD cards as well.

  1. At the same time. Stopped recording.
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Yes, I gave the answer, it could be electrical or…or…or…

It will teach me to do several things at the same time and with an English which is not the best. I had understood two cameras out of 11. :relaxed: