SD card issue

I presently have four outdoor cameras with the protective outdoor housing. The issue that I’m having is that three out of the four cameras corrupt the memory cards. I’m using Samsung 32 gigabyte memory cards when I remove the memory card and place it into a computer it tells me that the memory card needs to be reformatted once reformatted the memory card begins to work again but stops working a few days after being placed in the camera.

I bought a Wyze cam 3 days now, updated to the latest firmware and this problem started a few hours the same night after being powered on. I also have a 32GB memory card in it…

I have 4 Wyzecams, 2 with 32GB and 2 with 64GB microSDs. I did have one small problem a day or two ago: one of the cameras indicted that I couldn’t view playback because there was no local storage. I looked at the settings and it showed no local storage. Somehow this cleared up shortly afterwards and I haven’t seen any problems since. Not sure what I did to “fix” this.

Update well sort of I swapped the SD cards and they worked for few days same issue still anyone can elaborate on how to reslore this issue

After all the trouble I had updating to 1.76 (locking sd cards) I’m going to hold off for the two-week option before updating to 2.18. And before I do, I’ll probably remove the sd cards. But my two cameras have now been working faultlessly for about three weeks. For the price of these cameras it’s hard to complain.