SD card corrupted

I tried to format a Wyze brand micro SD card in my camera. Right after the camera couldn’t recognize the card and couldn’t format it again. I put the card in my phone, my phone couldn’t recognize it either, and couldn’t format it.

The only way I was able to recover the card so that I could use it in the camera was to reformat the card with a computer. Fortunately the computer was able to see and format the card.

Is this a common problem? Now I am nervous about ever formatting a card inside these cameras because I don’t want to have this problem every time. It would be a bit less frustrating if it wasn’t a Wyze card but that should ensure absolute compatibility.

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If you are concerned about the card (rightfully so) start a ticket for replacement. There’s several threads on SD cards. Endurance cards are recommended by many.

This has been an issue for some time now, Wyze knows and doesn’t seem to care.

If “endurance cards” are the fix why hasn’t Wyze changed the cards they sell?

I have brought this up before with Wyze, and I’m not sure why they aren’t high endurance, either. However, Wyze will replace their SD cards within a year, where as most other brands will not replace them at all if used in a camera like these.

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My oldest cams (3) just hit a year. None of them using endurance cards, all of them using continuous recording. Not a single SD card related issue. I know that others have had issues. I wonder what the difference is? Environment? Power supply? Brownouts?

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I’ve only about 17 cams, mostly V2’s some Pans, most bought before June. Not all on all the time but a minimum of ten active. All run with 32GB cards. Five of the cards are Wyze Cards the rest but one are Samsung 32GB Evo Plus, bought in 5 packs from Amazon. Several of my cams have been running outside in Virginia and Mississippi (thus some high heat, but no cold yet) under cover.

My SOP is to get the cards in, put them in my laptop, run Himem.sys, format with the utility posted on this forum, then put them in the Wyze cams. All my cams run continuous record except for 2 w/ RTSP. I frequently run time-lapse. Most cams I use the view playback function frequently,

I have only had 1 SD card problem with the Wyze and Samsung cards and that was with a cam that was missing the resistor and wouldn’t read an SD card (and Wyze replaced the cam).

Early in my Wyzing up there were many reports of SD card corruption so I bought the 5 Wyze cards. Then I bought the Samsung cards because I could not justify to myself paying $50 plus shipping ($7 for 5 cards) if I could pay $28.96. Heck, the difference paid for a camera.