Wyze Cam SD card dead

After the upgrade to my sd card no longer works. I put the sd card into my computer and it does not even detect it. I have restarted the app, restarted the camera, power cycled the camera, nothing seems to work to detect my sd card. The sd card was working perfectly prior to the upgrade. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

SD cards die. I just replaced one of mine a few days ago. Camera service is particularly hard on SD cards. You should always use cards that are specifically made for cameras (and BTW, the Wyze cards are not). I have been using there in my Wyze cameras:

So far none of those have failed (yet), but eventually they will. The SD card I replaced was the last of the Wyze sold cards that I bought.

It is very possible that your card is developing read/write problems. There is a lot of discussion about the right card and formatting procedures to use for video. Here is a block of info on the whole topic. Personally, I take Wyze’s recommendation to stay with a 32 GB card, use the Sandisk HE card and format in a PC with the.association format program below. I’ve gradually migrated my old cards to this procedure and have had no problems with cards since.
Standard data cards are not designed for the continuous read/write of video and develop problems, and the cards sold by Wyze aren’t High Endurance cards.
In regard to formatting the cards, best practice is to format the card in a laptop device using the program below and the Full or Deep option which will overwrite/repair any bad tracks which the camera option will not.

Here are some resources:

Info on High Endurance Cards

High Endurance Cards

Memory card formatter


Why use exFAT:

“exFAT is optimized for flash drives—designed to be a lightweight file system like FAT32, but without the extra features and overhead of NTFS and without the limitations of FAT32. exFAT has very large limits on file and partition sizes., allowing you to store files much larger than the 4 GB allowed by FAT32.

Difference between FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS File System …

https://www.geeksforgeeks.org › difference-fat32-exfat-ntfs-file-system”


Thanks. This is the first post I’ve bookmarked. If I end up keeping the Wyzecams I’ll want to use your procedure.

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I am in the process of buying 2 SD Cards for my two V2s to enable continuous recording after a recent break-in of neighbours car.
I was thinking the same, whether to buy a High Endurance card or a regular one. I have a dash cam where I use a Samsung PRO High Endurance, but those are very expensive here in Canada, so was thinking of getting this 128 GB one.

I did not want to get 32 or 64 gb as I have seen people having success with 128 gb. If not the V2s, if it is a 128gb, I figured, I could atleast use in a cellphone later on.

If it is a brand new card, I am assuming @tomp I don’t need to use the program and just format in Cam using app, that is if it does not recognize.

As far as the issue of card size, I guess I still sing the Wyze mantra about 32 GB. That is what they choose to recommend and support and even though I don’t see why, I figure there must be a good reason.
I just make a habit of formatting any card before installing using the SD association program and the Deep/Full overwrite all tracks option. It cost me an extra few minutes up front but I guess I think it’s a good bet for saving time and aggravation not to have to diagnose/access/remove/reformat/lose footage/etc later on.
Hope this helps…

My SD Card was 32GB and I did format it from my laptop when I purchased it from Amazon.
The frustrating part is that the card was working perfectly right before I executed the upgrade.

I had this exact problem when I got a new Wyze Cam Pan. I would not get the ding dong sound when putting in a SD card. The problem is the automatic firmware update does not update correctly. When new out of the box it said there was a new version and I let it update. Then SD card did not work. Tried known good card from another camera, it just corrupts it. Contacted support, they sent me a new camera. I did not update the firmware and it worked fine. Did the update and it was broken. I did a manual firmware update to reload the same new version and now both cameras work fine. Download the firmware on your PC and put on SD card. remember to rename the file to demo.bin Instructions are here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041605111-Webcam-Firmware-Instructions


That is a new one for me. Thanks for the post.! I’ll remember and try that trick.