V2 and SD card issue, how to proceed?

I have four v2 cameras, all have Wyze SD cards installed. Three work flawlessly. One worked flawlessly for a week, then started having issues where it would not connect. I removed the SD card, and examined it on my desktop computer, it had some index corruption which I was able to resolve via my disk utility (which ran fsck), then I reformatted the card for good measure and reinstalled it, but the camera went into a rebooting loop. Removing the card, resetting the camera and ultimately rebooting my router allowed me to get the camera working again (without the card), and it has been working for three weeks.

I’m not sure what to do next in terms of troubleshooting to determine if the issue is the card or the camera. I don’t want to damage another card if the camera is damaging the card, and I don’t want to damage a camera if the card is causing issues.

I do have a support ticket open with Wyze, but as I’ve not heard back from them yet, I thought I’d try the wisdom of the hive.

Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!

When you formatted it, did you make sure you used FAT32? Also, unless you’re using high-endurance SD cards, I don’t recommend using continuous recording, just record on event.

Are you indicating the Wyze SD cards are not good enough for continuous recording?

If you search the forum, you will find several members here who switched to high-endurance cards. The Wyze SD cards are not. The difference with the Wyze SD cards is that they will replace them under warranty when used with their cameras. Most of the other companies have warranties that are voided if used in security, dash cams, or any other continuous video recording.