Wyze Cam V3 stops continuously recording

For the 3rd time now I have noticed my cam v3 with sd card set to continuous recording stops recording once the card gets full instead of deleting the oldest video first. I have to reformat the card for it to start recoding again. Is this a known issue or is anyone else having this problem?

Have tried restarting and different cards, but only reformatting gets it to start recording again.

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That would be frustrating.

What kind of SD card are you using? Brand, Class, Speed category, Is it High Endurance, how confident are you that it is legitimately from that Brand and not a knock-off?

I ask because the above questions have been found to make a difference for some people sometimes.

Have you tried the cards in a different camera to see if they work in a different camera? And just to confirm you’ve tried different cards in the problem camera and the problem stays at that camera? What firmware version is on the camera?

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Wyze brand, sandisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I 98 MB/s U1 A1, samsung Evo SDHC 95 MB/s U1. Wyze from Wyze and the other 2 directly from Amazon.

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Wyze and Sandisk card used in older camera, worked just fine. Tested Samsung card in another camera and works. Did not try continuous on other cameras as this specific camera is the only one I have set to continuous. This is the only camera having this specific issue, although I have never used continuous on another camera.

Firmware Have update to do when I get home to beta.

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What I have found is if you are using CamPlus where it is recording a lot of events, you need a High Endurance SD card. If you use a standard SD card, the camera will chew through it and brick the card within a week. I went through about 3 normal 32GB cards in a month before I cashed out for an Endurance card and it has been working fine for over a year now.

The card I use is:
Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB 100MB/s (U1)
Currently selling for $10 on Amazon. Its main feature is:
Designed specifically for video monitoring cameras (dash cams, surveillance & security cams, CCTV, body cams, etc.)

Excellent SD card same 1 we use some are over 2 years old no issues

You should try doing a low-level reformat from a computer using the official SD Memory Card Formatter app. Select “Overwrite format”, not “Quick format”:


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