V3 Cam SD card issue

My v3 cam recognizes my SD card for a few seconds but then it is gone. I tried several SD cards with 8 and 32 GB.
Is there anything I can do to make it work?

Make sure the SD card is a Class 10 Type. The video recording material requires highest write speed (min 10MB/s) possible.

What kind of card? Specifically manufacturer, model (example: Extreme, High Endurance, etc), Speed rating, and age of the cards (i.e., new vs some old junker that was in the drawer)?

Brand new SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC Card Class 10

Wow! Someone who actually answers the questions asked while trying to troubleshoot a problem! You would be surprised to know how rare that is - so thank you.

That certainly should work, although long term if you are going to use continuous recording, you would be better off with a High Endurance type card. BTW, avoid the Wyze branded cards. Many reports of short life (including by me).

Is this problem happening in a single camera of in multiple cameras? What I’m aiming for is if you have multiple cameras, can you move cards around between cameras to attempt to determine if the problem follows one particular card or one particular camera?


What do you mean is only recognizes your SD card ‘for a few seconds’?

There was a recent bad Beta firmware that made the SD card look like it was dropping out repeatedly on the recording timeline (

The other V3 Cam with an SD card that works fine.
I also have a V2 which works well to with the SD card I added.
Only this V3 seems to have an issue.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I restart the camera and the SD seems to be recognized. I can see the ‘Record to MicroSD Card’ on. I wait for 5-10 seconds and it turns off on its own.

I keep all devices up-to-date. This V3 runs
Didn’t use Beta releases yet.

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