Wyze Cam V3 Not recording continuous video to SD card

I was unable to record continuously to a micro SD card installed in my two V3 Cameras even though the cameras did recognize the SD card. I received a third V3 and installed a 32 GB SD card and was successful in continuous recording! When I checked the “statistics” for the 16 GB cards installed in the other two cameras, the Wyze app reported that they were very tiny cpacity cards - no where near 16 GB. I replaced them with two newly purchased SD cards (same brand, same retailer) and now continuous recording is working fine on all three cameras. If you are having a similar problem, check the SD card’s capacity in the Wyze app!

When you report problems with SD cards it’s important to mention brand, size, model and vendor. For example based on my own experience SanDisk have been poor, Samsung EVO 32Gb from the Samsung store on Amazon have been great. I’ve bought about 25.

Good Point!

I buy all my SD cards from the Micro Center. I buy their cheap, in house brand, which may be sourced by various manufacturers. The two that the Wyze app reported as being very low capacity work perfectly fine in my PC. Go figure, eh? All three V3 cameras now have 32 GB micro SD cards of the in-house Micro Center brand. I use Micro Center brand cards in my desktop and two laptops, in three Raspberry pi computers, my Wyze, Nest, and D-Link IP cameras, and my Sony, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This is the first time I’ve had an issue with them. Again, go figure, eh?