Wyze Cam V3 continuous recording stop recording

My V3 cam stop recording when the MicroSD card is full (technically is not 100% full, it always stop at 28G). I have a 32G MicroSD card and the cam is setup to continuous recording. Any idea what is the problem? I did format the SD card a few times and still having the same issue.

Firmware version:

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What makes you think recording stopped? Normal operation would be to keep a little free space as the camera deletes the oldest files to replace them with the newest files. So your card would normally be constantly at 28 GB or so.

The 64GB card in my cam says it has 59.4 usable space total when formatted with FAT32.

When the card is not full and I click on “view playback”, I was able to see the video. However, once the card is at 28G and I click on “view playback”, it said “No video at the selected time”.

What card are you using?

I have a ADATA card, but don’t remember the details of the card like what speed etc.

I talked to a Wyze support after I posted yesterday. He suggested me to reset the cam. So I deleted the cam from the app, and pressed the “Reset” button on the cam. After reconnecting, the cam start recording for short period of time (see the attached screenshot). As you can see, there was like 30 mins of recording after I did the reset and then it stopped again. I did not reformat the disk btw. When I checked the disk usage, it becomes 28.22G (up from 28.0G).

See my last reply. Thanks!

Is your local storage set to continuous recording or event only?

I once had a SD card go bad when it was full and I couldn’t save anything more onto it so I had to replace it. Have you tried other SD cards to see if the issue stays at the camera or stays with the card? Do you have other cameras that you can try that problematic card in to see if it really stays with the card?

Yes, it is set to continuous recording.
I only have 1 cam so I can’t try the card on another cam. And I don’t have another 32G card, unless I use my 128G card from my phone, but I don’t want to try that because it means I need to backup everything on the 128G card and my phone will not have storage for a while.

I just checked the playback view again now. The continuous recording came back again this morning around 10:30am, then stopped at 11:20am, then start again around 12pm, then stopped for 30mins around 3:20pm.

Btw, I found another thread that talked about the similar issue (on a v2 cam though). And this thread has many people complaining this issue.

I’ve had this issue for a year now and have contacted support several times. Never came to a resolution. I did find another thread that suggests the problem is the Wyze-branded SD cards rather than the Wyze cam itself. So I just bought some Sandisk cards and will try those out. Crossing fingers that’s the solution!

I am having this problem with one out 8 of my cams it sucks. Reset deleted formated nothing records to almost full and stops recording all my other max out and run great for weeks now. I should pack it up and return it. Get new one if i can there no fixing it even tryed changing around the sd card from other that are working. But same think over over. I have now tryed to program a rule for that camra to reset every day at same time maybe this will help as i do get it to start if i rebout it but dont think it make the day so may need to set a couple of reset times for this one cam

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This really sounds like a sd card itself issue. But you said you tried switching the SD card in the problem cam to a known good cam, and tried a known good as card in the problem cam and after all that the issue stays at the problem camera? What type of SD cards are you using? Size of cards?

there is an update… but didn’t fix anything they still want to charge you for video recording.

@bguz1968, I am intrigued. How is the Cam V3 Firmware update still charging me to record footage on the SD card in my cam?

Only still shots now on your SD card no more recording videos . unless you pay for it per month. Used to be great cameras but slowly but surely they’ve come too big a company o
All they want now is more money and more money just order more cameras from Amazon that don’t charge you and I will take my wyze cameras to the thrift store.

The Still Shots are only the cloud recording on the events page. I leave my Event recording (Cloud recording) off on my V3 and it records continuous to the SD card all day every day

@bguz1968, you are sorely misinformed and are stating opinions that have absolutely no merit in fact.

Recording video to the SD card, either continuous or events only, has absolutely no ties whatsoever with your subscription status or lack thereof for that matter. And, there are NO still shots recorded to the SD in either setting scenario listed above.

If, however, you are actually referring to the Cloud Events snapshots\12s videos\full length videos, then these are tied to your subscription status. You can, however, still get 12s videos on the V3 Events tab FOR FREE if you take the time to go thru the proper procedure for signing up for CamPlus Lite.

You do know that Cam Plus Lite subscription is free for the taking?

While the cloud storage services have undergone recent changes, the free local storage or SD card recording has not changed on those cameras that support that function.