Continuous Recording

Camera has a 64G SD card installed and is set to continuous recording. However, I see nothing in playback. What am I missing.

I believe only 32Gb is supported at this time

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Correct, 32GB 2-3 days of continuous HD recording.

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64GB cards are know to work, but they have to be formatted as FAT32. You might have to remove the card and format it in a PC in that format.

All my cams have 64 GB cards. Have you tried formatting the card in the app? What does it say?

To do this: Open the app, tap your camera, & hit the settings gear icon in the upper right. From here go to: Advanced settings, then Local storage. You should see the local recording toggle on and some amount of space next to SD Card. I’d recommend just hitting Format and let it do its ting. Give it a few minutes then check back on your cam and hit “View Playback” again.