Wyze v3 stopped recording to my SD card

Just when I got most things working, I noticed one of my cams is not only no longer recording to the SD card, but all the video that was there has disappeared. I’ve seen tons of video from the SD card on this cam, so I know it had been working. Just now I was looking for something that cam may have recorded. Looking at the saved video it says “No video at the selected time”. Then I checked my SD card management and it says 4mb of 46mb! I’ve got a 128gb card in it. Has the cam corrupted the card?

I haven’t tried a reformat, which I hope will get things fixed, but I’m concerned that the card got into this state of corruption.

Does this happen to others too?

***Update. I re formatted the card and now see the full 128gb card. Recording started for a couple of minutes. Then it stopped for about 5 minutes and restarted. I have continuous recording set.

What’s going on??? Why did my card become corrupted and why isn’t continuous recording happening?

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This has happened in the past, but it is usually due to a bad SD card or one not intended for continuous recording that has flamed out.

It should not happen with a new card though.

You can try to pull the card and reinsert it to see if it will remount the card. You can try the suspect card in another Cam that you know is recording to try to determine if it is the card or the cam. Then try a known good card in the suspect cam.

If all this fails, you might try a reformat in the cam. I actually prefer cam formats over native card formats as I have been told that FAT32 is more stable than exFAT.

If it is the card, I recommend only High Endurance SD cards.


I updated my original post to say that I tried a re format and got mixed results.

You have suggested some excellent troubleshooting tips which I will try to narrow down if it’s the card or the cam.

This is my oldest cam (2 months of use) and this is the first time I’ve had any trouble with the SD card. I use SanDisk UHS-1 Class 10 cards which appear to have better specs than Wyze’s own cards.

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My first dozen cards, which weren’t high endurance made it between 4 and 6 months before they failed and they weren’t name brand. That’s when I switched to HE.

Even if it wasn’t High Endurance, which SanDisk does sell, it still should last longer than 2 months unless it is outside and got moisture in the slot.

EDIT :point_down:

With what you edited in above, you definitely need to do the swap test to isolate card vs cam. On the surface, it makes me think you have bad sectors in the card.

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Replace the card. Continuous video recording is very hard on cards, and they will eventually fail. Make sure you get a High Endurance card as they will last far longer in continuous recording.


I’m actually having the same issue. After rebooting the recordings work for a while then stops. Would be interesting to know if changing SD cards worked.

Same advise. Replace the card.

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