What SD card A1 - U1 or U3


I’m really in doubt which card to use for the WYSE CAM PAN V3.

Is it really necessary to be U3 or would a U1 type suit? Or any CLASS 10 is ok ?

What is the largest supported size ( 128GB, 256 ? )?


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Wyze has indicated that the largest supported card is 256GB, however there are users who have larger ones in service operating successfully. The unofficial word is whatever you can get to work.

The U rating on the SD Card refers to the speed at which the card can be written and read. U3 cards are 3 times faster than U1 so it will be faster loading and streaming when trying to view video.

A Class 10 card is a U1 which is equivalent to V10. U3 cards are actually V30 and do not have a Class rating like the Class 10 U1 V10 cards.


My strongest recommendation to anyone buying large format SD Cards is to buy High Endurance cards that have been specifically designed to run in continuous record cams and dash cams, have a robust warranty period\policy, and are recognized name brands.

Cut rate SD Cards that aren’t designed for continuous long term recording in moderately harsh environments tend to fail quickly. There are also issues with counterfeit cards out there being sold as name brands.


Wow, great explanation n link.

Salute !

Just in time too. (Installing Pan V3’s n OG’s)
Time to chg my Amazon cart items !

I will purchase 1-2 SD cards @ 256gb n try n format it, to 32Fat.


I feared 256gb’s might not work.
(Read posts ask why, theirs would not)


I’ve been using these -

  • “SanDisk 64GB X2 (128GB) MicroSDXC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card”
  • (Hold your fire, SD card officialnados n Exotic’s)

I use them only for, “Event recording”, for +5yrs, no problems.

For those using them for, “Continuous Recording”, in my test case , “The defense rests”.

No need. Compatible in their native ExFat format.

There are many here who will recommend SanDisk Ultra. Respected brand.

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Jus plug n play em ?

Yep. :+1:


Check that, :woozy_face:
Are 128gb’s plug n play 2 ?

Since Wyze cams became ExFat compatible, any card over 32GB, which all come preformated ExFat, are compatible. 32GB cards and below should be the only ones preformated to FAT32. Wyze cams will accept either in their native format.

I now have 256GB cards in a V2, a V3, and a V3 Pro. All seem to be working fine.

I STRONGLY recommend the High Endurance cards - especially if you are set to Continuous recording. The SanDisk Ultra specifically are NOT a HE card and SanDisk will not honor the warranty if used for camera. I have had extremely good service from SanDisk High Endurance cards. I have about 40 camera that are all set to continuous recording that all have SanDisk HE cards and have had only one failure. All of my early SanDisk Ultra cards have eventually failed as have both Wyze branded cards (only lasted a couple months).

And BTW, I have never needed to format a card before use. Just pop out of the package and put into the camera…


I buy this model!


Thanks a lot!


That’s the card I put in three of my cameras a few weeks ago. Previously the 64GB version of the same card.

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