Specific type of SD card needed?

I just got two Wyze Cam Pan v3 cameras and they work fine. I have a couple of class 1, 32GB micro SD cards which I have tried to put in the v3s but they do not even recognize that the cards are even inserted in the device (yes they are inserted the right way). Since they don’t even recognize that they are there I can’t even try to format them. Do these cams need a specific type/class/size of microsd?

Unless you really got a bad batch of SD cards, all SD FAT/FAT32 formatted cards work. Endurance type cards are recommended though because they last longer and usually have faster times.

Are those cards used elsewhere before? Make sure they’re formatted right. Also make sure they are fully inserted; might look like they’re in but the electrodes might not be in full contact.

You might try formatting the cards using Windows or Mac then insert them into the cameras.

Sure you didn’t mean Class 10? I’m not sure they even make class 1 cards since they are something like 1MB/Sec. Pick up a decent Class 10 128MB from Walmart or Amazon n the cheap. Just be sure to format the larger cards with exFAT on a PC before inserting into the cam.

Maybe that card is already formatted with NTFS which is NFG.
I run 256GB Class 10 on all cameras