SD cards in 3 different types of Wyze cams not recognized suddenly

Not sure when it happened, or if they all happened at the same time or not, but looking at all of my cameras, 3 (all indoors) suddenly cannot see the SD cards in the slots. I’ve removed them and reinserted, tried new cards, didn’t help. Very odd because all 3 cameras are different. Wyze cam gen 2, gen3 and Wyze cam pan. Anyone know why this would be? Any solutions out there?

Have you tried formatting the cards? If they are larger than 32 gb I believe setting them to exFAT is the way to go, and make sure everything else is reset to default. Also make sure there aren’t any other partitions on them. This will have to be done on a computer with a microSD card slot or adapter

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Use only high endurance SD cards. Years ago all my SD cards starting to go bad in Wyze devices. Here is an OLD post showing all my bad SD cards.

After that day, I switched to high endurance cards. Not 1 card has died yet. It’s not a Wyze issue, I also had a regular card die in another camera. Also switched it to high endurance and no problems. I only buy high endurance now.

The reason I felt like this was the cameras faults was I was switching new cards in and it could not see them either. Going to try reformatting. Will communicate back if it works

Another user had issues with the factory format on their cards as well. For some reason the cams just stopped liking the format. They also solved the issue by doing a full format and changing the file allocation size in the process to optimize each video file to a single file allocation.