WyzeCam V3 --- microSD Card Not being recognized

WyzeCam V3 — microSD Card Not being recognized

Things I have tried

  1. Reformatting on a WinPC, and reinserting back into cam - NG
  2. Tried another card, in the V3 Cam - Wont read/identify it - NG
  3. used a 3rd party microSD card formatting utility (SD Card Formatter) - NG

This V3 Cam works but just no longer identifies any microSD card inserted into the cam v3.

Cards used/tried are SanDisk

Seems to be a common problem from my research

Do you have another v3? If so, take the known good SD card from that camera and try it in the suspect v3. If the card still fails to be recognized, the v3 is most likely bad.
If the SD card is recognized, you have a few bad SD cards.
I never pre-formst the SD cards in my cameras. Just pop it in and have the Wyze app format it. Been doing it that way for quite some time with no issues.
SD cards used in Wyze cameras need to be high endurance. A normal SD card is not designed for continuous read/write and will fail. It is designed for point and shoot cameras and other devices that read and write intermittently. This is not causing your issue, but worth noting.
Can you test the suspect SD cards in another device?


Thank you for the quick reply.

The V3 i am having problems with the microSD
I never pre-format the microSD, I only tried formatting it on my PC as an alternative attempt.

The card I had initially working in the problem V3, was in the V3 for some time, and working, and I only took the V3 out of commission few months back, when I purchased the new Wyze OG cams.

After experiencing problems with the V3 an microSD card I originally had in the V3 cam, is when I tried formatting the microSD on my PC. That didn’t make any difference, still not recognized, then I tried another microSD, and it did not recognize that one either, I tried formatting that on the PC too afterwards, and retried, still not recognized with the 2nd microSD.

i will try another working V3 Cam, and tryin installing that microSD into the problem V3 see if that works…I am suspecting everything is pointing to the problem V3 being the issue, and not the microSD cards.

Seems there is a history of this issue with V3 from what I have read on multiple postings.

Will see what happens on microSD swapped from another V3 and see what happens…Hopefully, it does not damage the GOOD microSD from another cam.

I just tried another microSD card from a V3 Cam, and it is not recognized in the problem v3 cam, so it is the V3 cam that is the problem, not the microSD card/s.

Thank you !
For the thoughts/feedback/recommendations.

Now I have to see if it covered under warranty

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I have dozens of Wyze cameras and have had a couple develop uSD card slot problems. All were well out of warrantee, so I just put those couple cameras into places where I never would need a working uSD card.

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Kinda stinks I had this V3 cam for about 1-1/2 years along with the other V3’s I purchased to replace my V2’s. Based upon what you have experienced already, and what I just experienced with a V3 that is not at all old, it makes me think there will be more failing in the near future.

I guess I have no choice but to place it somewhere where I dont need to record video. Since it is out of warranty.