Cam v3 not detecting sd card

i bought a camera a couple months ago and the sd card was working just fine until a few days ago. i reinserted the card, did a factory reset which took hours! kept givng me cant connect to network error. it finally got it set it up but it still wont detect the sd card

What type of card? By that I mean what make and model and size.
If you pull the card and try it in a computer, can the computer read the card?

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sandisk ultra 32gb, computer wont read it but its not reading my sd card from my phone either. my phone read it when i switched sd cards though. i format the card from there but camera still doesnt detect it

Can you format the 32GB card in a computer? FAT32 and do a full format not quick. Also, I like to remove the SD Cards when doing a factory reset and re-insert the card after the cameras are up and running (power off-insert card-then power back on).

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laptop isnt detecting the card. i guess i’ll try factory reset again
what do you mean fat32?

EDIT. factory reset like that didnt work

Here is more information on the FAT32 and how to format the card using Windows and Mac.

this doesnt work for me. the sd doesnt even show up

Here is more info on this thread about your issue. Good luck.

my v2 all in sudden . no sdcard detected as well.
I have to toggle through all settings, then the app found the sd card. I did a formatting.

figured out there is nothing wrong with the card. i switched sd cards between 2 cams. camera is the porblem

This is so frustrating. It only stopped reading ANY sd cards after soke update. My 2nd cam I pulled out of the drawer. I need this cam location. 2nd cam works with ALL SD cards that did not work with “updated” cam. I absolutely did not update the 2nd cam. It reads them all fine. I’m out a recording cam. Why? Because the update BORKED my camera. It will NOT ready ANY sd card. This is so distressing. I’ve held on as a wyze cam enthusiast for so long thru thick and thin. I cannot believe this is happening.

I’ve gone thru every forum. Every re-install. Nothing works.

Customer support? Life’s too short to get so worked up over something they don’t even know you’re having trouble with. If they can help, you’d avoid some stress. If they won’t help, then vent the frustration out, and maybe someone here will have a weird solution nobody else had suggested before.