Required 60-days of continues recordings Wyze Cam v3?

I have a few of the Wyze Cam v3 with 32 GB MicroSD cards right now and I get 4 days of recording. I work for a secure facility, and our security requirement is 60 days of continuous recording. Would 256 GB be sufficient? My math indicates we would get 32 days maximum of constant recording with a 256 GB card.

Does it support a 512 GB card, or are there settings to change that would allow for that 60-days on a 256 GB card?

Honestly, if you looking for cameras for a a secure facility that has retention requirements (likely among other requirements), you really should be using “real” security cameras. Wired cameras into some sort of NVR with backup power for starters.

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I agree with @K6CCC , I do recommend a Wyze cams often as they fulfill a lot of use cases, But I think this use case is a beyond what wyze can offer. Is a 60-day retention your only requirement?


As far as I understand we must have 60 days of continuous recording. I was unaware of this when we purchased the cameras.

Are 60 days possible with a large enough micro sd?

I need to make a recommendation if we need to find a better more suitable item.

Are you required to have continuous recording or event recording only? What about cloud versus local recording? Wyze Cloud recording is capped at 14 days with a cam plus license. I’d say if you have a biggest possible card as you could in the camera and set to events only and depending on the amount of motion or sound detected you could easily get 60 days.

Why isn’t your facility wanting higher end features like central recording, POE, higher than 2K resolution, tamper proof, non-Wi-Fi, any type of analytics (person, vehicle, etc detection)? Just to name a few. Depending on the amount of Wyze cameras you have you will also need a robust enough Wi-Fi network to be able to connect all of them so you could view live and review back SD card footage. Also Wyze cameras are only primarily operated using a optimize for cell phones app. If you had a central recording solution there would be much easier ways to view coverage live and say export video footage or photos rather than have to work with a cell phone. Just some food for thought for you. :slight_smile:

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We run on a very strict budget and often the simplest and cheapest solution is the best. We already have the Wyze Cameras we just need to know what the max card is. If the max it can handle is 256 GB then that is what we would go with and label it as an improvement on what we were doing.

What is the maximum allowed?

The maximum allowed is whatever you can get to work, I have seen people get larger to work and some have not. Having said that the largest card supported is 256 GB.


Thank you

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I’m running 256GB High Endurance cards @ HD video quality 24\7 continuous and getting anywhere between 21 and 28 days depending on the IRNV cycle. If I reduce to SD quality to boost compression I can expect to double that. Bottom line, it’s going to take a minimum of 512GB @ SD quality to get over your 60 day minimum.

Take a look at this thread. If you put being on a strict budget on one side of the scale and having 60 days of SD Card video on the other side. Only you can decide which side of the scale is more important than the other.

I ordered some 512 GB Cards. We will see how it goes. We don’t want to lose much if any video quality.

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I have cameras with 512GB cards.

That will probably only get you to around 51 days in HD if you run everything in daytime vision (no nightvision), give or take…you will probably get over 60 days if you allow the cameras to switch to nightvision at night.

Another option is to use something like Docker Wyze Bridge to convert the live stream to RTSP and have it save everything to a harddrive. Then you can definitely get over 60 days video recording on a harddrive of much bigger sizes at a cheaper cost.