Question about Continuous Recording

Hello all!

I am new to the Wyze Universe, and am switching over from the Ring Interface.

So far I have 5 Wyze Cameras, 2 v3 Pros, 2 v3 Pans, and 1 v3.
I also have the Plus Subscription.

I also purchased the Wyze branded 256gb SD cards, I was wondering… how much that would actually store, if I did continuous recording, about how many days would that be able to hold vs events or triggers only.

Thanks for your help!

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A 256 GB uSD card is going to hold several weeks - sorry, I don’t have a specific answer as the largest uSD cards I am using are 128 GB and most are 64 GB.

Thanks for your fast reply! Several weeks @ continuous recording?

This is great if so!!


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Looking in the app at the moment, I see continuous recording to 256 GB microSD cards in one Cam Pan v3 starting 28 February 2024 and one starting 4 March 2024. The same card in a Cam OG shows recordings starting 29 February 2024.

I can’t give any detail about storing only triggered events. I bought the cameras and cards specifically for continuous recording (though events are marked in the app).

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Two screenshots of what’s on the 256GB Samsung Micro SD card.

Beyond the timeframe (as of Feb 27, 2024 11:58:31am - 1 1/2 min before noon.

Start of the timeframe (as of Feb 27, 2024 12:00:54pm - 1 min past noon.

Roughly 24 days at HD

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This is awesome! Thank you! I am so glad I made the switch over!

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Yeah it’s pretty awesome haha.

Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth