Wyze Cam v2 and micro SD card for video

Hi All -
We have several v2 cameras and would like to consider adding the sd cards for videos.
What is the best size micro sd to purchase?
Are the videos constant and just keep saving a certain length of time over the old content or do the cards fill up and need to be “maintained” or erased and reinserted to keep saving?
Are the videos accessible online or via iphone in the same way as checking the live feed during the day?

I usually get a 2 pack of 128GB Sandisk mSD cards from Amazon. They seem to be a good price for the amount of storage. My V2’s will record nonstop for about 14 days exactly on 128GB cards…which is more than enough for most things. a 32GB card lasts me about 3.5 days on continuous recording. Depending on how much it will be using nightvision or not, those rates could change (nightvision uses less memory).

Yes, they just write over the oldest content automatically.

You can view the SD card footage through the Wyze App. Click on the camera then click “View Playback” and it’s all there (select day and scroll to the time you want in the timeline).

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I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much. Ordering sd cards now :slight_smile: Enjoy your evening!

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