Memory Capacity for Wyze Cam v3

What is the max memory card size for the V3? What is the largest capacity card that will function with the camera? 32GB, 64GB, 128GM, 256GB?? Couldn’t find that listed in the product specs page.

Approx how many hours of video could be stored on the max size card?

Wyze say the v3 supports 32GB, you could try a larger card it might work .
Continuous recording

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Hi @KenB and welcome to the community!
I know you need a (max size) 32GB to manually flash the firmware on the Wyze cameras.
Some have successfully used larger capacity cards on all but the Outdoor Camera/Base.
So I’m thinking probably yes but suggest you monitor the V3 announcement thread on the link below. Several people have asked this same question but WyzeGwendolyn hasn’t directly addressed it yet.

The official answer is 32GB. In both my V2 and Pan cams, I have 64GB cards in every one. I do have an 8GB card that is used only for flashing as I can’t use the 64GB cards for flashing.

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Just to confirm, Wyze Cam v3 still has a limitation of 32gb SD size correct? As others mentioned you can use higher capacity cards (at your own risk of data corruption), but I would really like to see v3 support 64gb or above safely.

Gwendolyn can you confirm?
As always thanks for the great support and products.

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Hi @DannyO In the event no one will confirm or deny use of a larger then 32Gb uSD card on a V2 or V3, my opinion is, “Go for it”.

Keep a 8~32Gb card for flashing and before opening a ticket with Support. Personally use a 2Gb card for firmware flashing because I have a lot of them around for old equip that can’t recognize larger cap.

No one has complained about data corruption on larger cards if they are the HE type.

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