Wyze cam v3 pro max microsd size

Hi! I’ve noticed a few numbers being thrown around on the max microsd card usable with wyze cam v3. Question: What’s the max microsd card size usable with wyze cam v3 pro?

Thank you!

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The Tech Specs say the V3 Pro can support a 256 GB card formatted in FAT32. I’m using a 128 GB card formatted in exFAT and it works just fine.

I am using a HE 256GB SD formatted by the cam (FAT32). I am at 140GB so far recording continuous @ 2K w\ almost 13 days Hx.

I thought @carverofchoice posted that they were going to slam a Terabyte card in to see if it exploded. But haven’t read any reports yet.


Heh, I’ve only tried up to a 400GB card, but it works great! I don’t see any reason why 1TB wouldn’t work, but I’ve only tried up to 400GB so far.

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Sorry! Was reading threads like this on Wyze V3 and am a little bit confused. Has the issue been resolved no both Wyze cam v3 and v3 pro or is it just resolved on v3 pro?

Thank you!

I am using the FAT32 HE 256GB card in the V3Pro running the current Beta Testing Firmware. However I believe the stock production firmware that ships with the V3Pro supports larger SD cards out of the box. I always make sure to reformat my cards to FAT32 in the cam because (1) my phone OTG reader interface will only read FAT32; and (2) FAT32 is reportedly more stable.

The V3 Firmware Update was released previously with the fix for utilizing larger cards, however every release with this fix has subsequently been halted due to unrelated issues. The last public release Firmware available for the V3 is currently which DOES NOT support larger cards. Any card over 128GB uses only about 90GB of the card capacity before it overwrites.

I am using FAT32 HE 256GB SD Cards in my V3s running Beta Firmware with the fix and getting about 28 days continuous recording in HD and full capacity usage of my cards.


Thanks @SlabSlayer . Would be good if Wyze can fix the firmware and resolve this issue once and for all. It’s unhelpful when Wyze claims v1/v2 supports more than 128GB but there are isseus at 90GB with current firmware on V3. Ideally there should be some mention of that on their v3 faq

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This specific issue has been resolved… It works.

Unfortunately because multiple fixes are packaged together with new features in firmware releases, sometimes the good fixes and features get held back because of the other unruly participants in the firmware build. That is where the V3 firmware is right now. Every fix and feature on the bus :bus: is being held up because of other misbehaving riders.

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Just saw this post confirming successful employment of a 1TB SD Card in a V3Pro:


Are the larger sd cards able to be formatted in the camera or do you have to format them on a computer?

They are able to be formatted by the cam. I put all my new HE 256GB SD cards in the cams and format them using the cam’s format feature before recording to them.


Can you provide sd card spec? manufacturer, speed, …? Thanks.

I’m using this card in one of my V3Pros:

It is a 400GB U1 C10 A1 card.

It seems to work find for me. But some people, whose opinions I trust, swear by the Endurance cards making a huge difference in their experience.