Latest V3 Cam firmware has exFat support as of 12/06/21

Okay WYZE…great job on firmware to allow exfat formatted microSD cards. Now…please tell us what is the maximum microSD card that will reliably work. For V4 Cam…do 4k and H265 encoding.


Is there even a roadmap for a v4 release yet?

There is not any roadmap for one they have publicly announced but they are always listening for items that should be in the next version

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  • Is there a technical reason why the microSD cards are limited to 32 GBs for WyzeCams?
  • Can a firmware update be available to allow for a reformat and larger micro SD cards?

You might have read that the latest Dec 2021 firmware upgrade for the V3 Cam supports exfat AT LAST. This SHOULD mean that the sky is the limit on any size microSD card…but I will believe it when a bunch of people report that really large cards work to full capacity…and then allow loop recording over old material. I have seen no official bragging from Wyze yet on the V3 cam now working with 1tb cards…but I am sitting bye !

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