I have a question about the V3

Is the V3 camera able to use Micro SD cards larger than 32G?

People have been using them for years on both the V2 and V3 to some success, but Wyze Cam v3 firmware added support for exFAT microSD card formats. Wyze has been silent on how that affects the previously-specified 32 GB ‘barrier’, but they may be looking to see if any issues develop first. :wink:

So try one, I believe it should work.


Yes but it’s not supported by wyze,don’t need a big 1 we just download the events we need to keep for law enforcement

With the addition of exFAT, it may be supported by Wyze. Just haven’t heard them officially say that yet.

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I have been using 64GB cards in both V2 and V3 cameras since day 1. Never had a problem EXCEPT if flashing firmware into a camera it MUST be 32GB or less. I tried one of the 128GB cards I use with my drone in one of my cameras and it also worked fine. Especially if using continuous recording, only use good quality high, endurance cards.