Wyze Cam v3 Micro SD card after update

Has anyone tried using a larger (over 32gb) micro sd card after the update released today ver It says it * Improved local storage stability. Just wondered if it fixed the capacity issue. I’ve already installed my 2 v3 cams and had to get 32gb cards. I really don’t want to get the ladder back out to get to the top of my house just to try it. Hopefully someone can test and let me know. Other than the storage size I love my v3 cams. It’s like daytime at night. Can’t wait till my others ship


Ive got 64 and 128 gig in my v3s. Both work with this firmware, but both also worked before this firmware, so I dont know if it changed anything.

If you format the larger cards to FAT32 (not something windows does natively, so you need a different program - we’ve found this one works and is free https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Hard-Disk-Utils/FAT32format-GUI.shtml )
They’ll work in a V3

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Just received my V3 today, didn’t recognize the 64GB card at first, it works after update to 228

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It recognizes my Wyze 32 gig card now after the update

I concur. I have 4 of the v3 cams. When I added the first three last week, they would not accept a 64GB card until I formatted it in a cam pan. Apparently the cam pan firmware can address more than 32GB. I only tested it with 64GB high endurance SanDisk cards.
I added the 4th v3 cam just now and after the firmware update, it recognized a new 64GB card correctly.
Any idea why WYZE only supports 32GB when 64GB and higher obviously work?