Wyze V3 larger size card, FAT32 or exFAT?

If I grab a 128gb v10 card for my camv3 now that it has the new firmware, is it going to work well? I have seen reports that it will work, but only until you flash new firmware, then it goes back to 32gb capacity. I don’t want to have to go up the ladder and take out the card every time I update the firmware just in case.

Likewise, can I just leave the card at FAT32? I have seen reports that exFAT is more problematic with the cameras.

Go try it fat is what we use we never had to format the sd card since it’s ready to use

I have been putting 64GB cards into V2 and V3 cameras for years - never needed to format a card in order to use it. Also tested a 128GB card that I normally use in my drone for a day in a Wyze camera a year ago and it worked fine.

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I have been using 128 cards in my 3 V3 cams for over 3 months before newest firmware and have not had any problems.

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I just put in a 128 card in my V3 camera, at first it was giving me issues(app performance) and ultimately gave me an error 90. I powered cycled the camera, waited for 3-5 minutes and now it’s functioning normally and showing 119 GB for the card.

so what I’m reading here is that most of you didn’t format the card at all? or did you use the fat32 format? or the exfat format?

I think if you find other threads on this topic you might find that San Disk microsd cards come already in the proper format. All I had to was pop my 128gb ultra in the V3 and away it went.

There could be other brands that come already formated.

I didn’t do anything other then put the card into the camera and power cycle. It is a 128 GB SanDisk I got from Costco.

Not the is a format card option in the app, never used it but noticed it.

We use gigastone 128 on all of our cams,pop them in and ready to go out of the box,no issues some are over 2 years old

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I have formatted my SanDisk 128 cards several times just to test them and found no problems.

128 cards in all 8 V3 cameras.
They were already pre-formatted, Never had an issue so far.

Cameras can sometimes become laggy and unresponsive (probably our wifi), only need a soft reboot to resume normal operation.