Support for microSD cards larger than 32GB

i was looking at the firmware update and it made me wonder what sizes are officially supported or will be on the v2 update? most of my camera’s got the update before they paused it so i was considering maybe ordering some new sd carbs to try out but didn’t see much point in buying too large of a card if the camera is not going to make use of the storage space.

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If you look around the forum there are many who have used and are using 128GB cards. I am using 64GB High Endurance cards. Make sure you purchase good High Endurance cads, they cost a lot more but are worth it.

i was just hoping there would just be a bit more info available about the update than just what people are running

(December 20, 2021)

  • Added support for microSD cards larger than 32GB
  • Improved the Cam Plus Event replay success rate
  • Improved camera stability
  • Fixed a constant reboot bug
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sound notifications when using Cam Plus
  • Fixed a bug that caused missing Events when using Cam Plus
  • Other bug fixes

v3 camera release note says exFat support but this just says larger so does that mean keep it in Fat32 or we can use exFat ?

That would be helpful clarification.

@WyzeGwendolyn Please update the information.

This says you can use exFAT

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You can now use exFat and larger SD cards now in the v3, I do not exactly remember what the limit is when it comes to exFat but it is ridiculously large.

Thanks for the reply.

When I said “this” I was referring to v2 which did not say anything about exFat.

@Antonius gave the answer about exFat coming to the other cameras soon which was the part that was missing from the v2 release note. I hope that note will be amended to clarify this point.

I have used a 1tb card in V2, V3, and V3Pro cams.