Has anyone *actually* had a problem with cards > 32 gb?

I’ve read through archives, and seen the discussions about non-support of >32gb sdhc

Has anyone actually had an issue from using a 64gb or 128gb card that wasn’t related to coming in a different format?

The resounding absence of such reports makes me wonder , , ,

Although I am being cautious, having been burned: I had a nice camera in 2006, a couple of years old. It was the last camera built by the maker (olympus?) which then returned to just making lenses, with 10x optical zoom. I’d also spent a significant amount on 2x/.5x with good glass, rather than the base.

We put in a card of the size above what it listed (1gb instead of 512mb? or half that?).

It recognized the card, and reported the number of available pictures (lots and lots it seemed).

And once we took the card out . . . it never recognized any card again!

my working theory is that something overflowed, and flipped a bit that even a hard super-duper neo-factor reset wouldn’t handle, but we’re still not sure.

So I wonder, has anyone actually had a problem with >32gb, or is this jus a theoretical issue ?

With V3 firmware, V2 firmware, and Pan V1 firmware, Wyze now supports cards greater than 32 GB.


I use 128GB in almost ALL my 2 dozen Wyze Cams…every model. They work well.

Keep in mind that exFAT format is currently only officially supported in V3 cams.
All the other cams officially support FAT32 instead.
Based on @Newshound 's response I guess exFAT is supported in the other models too. I didn’t realize the new firmware had been released for the other models yet. :slight_smile:

A long time ago (2 years?) I had some issues trying to use exFAT in Pan Cam and sometimes in others, but I just reformatted the cards to FAT32 and they worked fine after that. Others have never had issues, and now I am assuming that it should be soon that exFAT is supported in the rest of the cams too, not just V3’s.

But in short, the size of the card has not been a problem for me, I’ve been using 128GB for years and I guys who have used 512GB in their Wyze cams too.


64GB in all of my cameras - V2, V3, & Pan. Never had a problem, nor did I need to format any card to make it work. Pull the card out of the SanDisk package and plug it into a camera. I have tested 128GB without issue as well.

I looked those up, but all I see is explicit support for exFAT, not anything about size.

And while I"m thinking about it, I saw consistent remarks from a year or two that it only uses about 100mb of a 128gb or large card; is that still the case?

That’s how they accommodated cards over 32 GB. Those cards use the exFAT format. 32 GB and below use the FAT32 format.

I do not know how much of a 128 GB card it uses.

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This will help you understand a little better why Wyze previously said they only supported 32GB cards:

Basically, all SDHC cards in FAT32 format were limited to 32GB. SDXC cards (anything above 32GB) came in exFAT format, but exFAT was a proprietary format owned by Microsoft, so it couldn’t legally be supported without paying fees/royalties to Microsoft, while FAT32 could be used for free. Meaning that cards larger than 32GB couldn’t be advertised as being supported (since they all came in exFAT format), though you could reformat larger cards into FAT32 and they would work fine.

It was more of a legal politics type of thing preventing them from saying they supported it before now even though you could basically always use large cards in Wyze cams (sometimes even without reformatting them into FAT32, but reformatting them helped make sure they were more reliable).

Now Wyze has obtained a license to use exFAT, so basically all the microSD cards above 32GB will now natively work in their cams (no special formatting necessary), and they can legally advertise and claim they support greater than 32GB cards.

So supporting exFAT really just means supporting SDXC which really just means they natively support microSD cards the way they came greater than 32GB…but you could always use cards greater than 32GB, sometimes you might’ve had to reformat to FAT32 first, but that is no longer needed now that exFAT is officially supported. Use whatever size MicroSD card you want. The only limit is:

  1. Must be a microSD card
  2. Must be exFAT (or FAT32)
  3. SDHC or SDXC might be a requirement. I don’t know for sure if the upcoming SDUC or SDIO types will make a difference or not.

Currently SDXC exFAT microSD cards should be up to about 1TB in size this year, so that should pretty much be the limit for now…SDXC can go as high as 2TB, so that may be limit for these cams, IDK. If the cams do support SDUC then they’ll theoretically be able to go up 128TB. SDUC does say that the interface can be used with SDHC And SDXC cards, so who knows. But either way, you should at least be able to go up to 2TB with SDXC cards using exFAT format.

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Here’s some SD cards I’ve put in the V3 Pro… 128GB, 512GB, 1TB… all work, all record.


Nice! This is the first confirmed post I’ve seen about a 1TB card! While I was sure they should work fine, it is great to hear confirmation! I have a 400GB card in one of my V3Pros, but it’s awesome to see 1TB finally.

Thank you for sharing!


I assume the larger cards above 128GB are formatted in FAT32 ? :raccoon: are curious.

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I’m running 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB cards formatted to exFAT.

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My 400GB SD card is in exFAT and full and working great.

FAT32 should work too, but I’m trying exFAT since it previously had an issue with large cards so I try to make sure it’s okay with new stuff still. :+1:


Thanks all :upside_down_face: