Formatting large SD cards

Does the Cam3 properly format large (greater than 32 gb) cards, or do I need to do that before inserting it into the cam.

Background - it looked like it worked on my 256gb card, The camera “saw” 256 gb, but then the camera quit continuous recording at around 30 gb a few days later.


Some others have reported something similar for some larger cards using exFAT format.

If you are one of the people experiencing this, I would recommend manually reformatting the card to FAT32.

I use this free program to format my cards to FAT32:


Will this do the exFAT format on the larger cards, as I understand is required?

No, the above program formats the cards into FAT32 format. Most cards larger than 32GB do indeed come preformated in exFAT format, but it is not required to use exFAT format on larger cards. They also work fine with FAT32.

I go into the details a bit more thoroughly here:

I was suggesting formatting your card to FAT32 because you were having problems getting the card to function properly on exFAT for some reason. While it seems to work fine for most people, some people have experienced issues with exFAT, and in almost every case, if they formatted the card to FAT32, it almost always resolved the problems they were experiencing. More than half of my cards larger than 32GB (most of them 128GB) in my cameras are using FAT32 format, but some of them are using exFAT. Both work for me, but whenever someone says they are having troubles with a card on exFAT, I suggest switching to FAT 32 and it almost always resolves their issue. But yes, officially both formats are supported with Wyze now. If you really want to keep it on exFAT, maybe try telling the camera to reformat the card and see if it will do more than 30GB after that.

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256 Gig cards are not fully supported yet, it is a known problem and is being investigated by Wyze - Stick 128 for the time being

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I successfully tried this technique with a 256GB microSD card. It was really easy. Downloaded and installed the program, formatted the card with FAT32, and plugged in the v2 camera, which now sees a 238.66GB card. Thanks carverofchoice!

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You’re welcome, that’s great to hear!

You might want to wait a few days and check how much of that 256 Gig is going to be used before overwriting starts on it - Keep an eye on it after its written around 80-90 Gig, and then see if the total used increases.

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Don’t celebrate until you see it successfully fill that card.

Yeah, of course. My 32gb cards were filling in less than a week before overwriting, So if I only get 3-4 weeks instead of 2-3 months I’ll consider it a solid improvement. The real shortcoming of Wyze is the low resolution of the cameras, which I can live with for now.

The problem is that it will not do as you hope. It will work great, and then hit a wall, my wall is about 30 gb. Then it stops. The end. No overwriting, no recording period.

No warning, no indication of failure, unless you happen to check playback, and find that it has recorded nothing for days.

Incredibly annoying.

The 128GB exFat cards seem to work good so far. I put one in V3 six days ago.

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Yes. The 128gb cards work without any issues in the cam v3. I’ve been using them for months.

I have 128 gb cards on order.

Funny that Wyze tacitly acknowledges this, as the only two card sizes they sell are 32 and 128.

I am trying a 512gb card right now. Started recording today. Will update.

check whether you are recording in HD or SD. After 24 hours check SD card usage, will give you, in theory, the maximum number of days the card will hold. However unless the problem has been fixed (which at this time it hasn’t) you will not see more than 80-90 Gigs used before overwriting starts, and you lose days from the beginning of your recordings.

I am not knocking you for trying, but fair warning for disappointment :worried:

Understood and correct. I have done a lot of research on it, but just got a new v3 cam, new card, updated firmware to latest, and wanted to try it. Also, wanted us to all keep this thread going so maybe they will eventually listen and fix the issue.

Please believe me, there is no way in hell this thread is will die before they get the problem fixed or admit they can’t. I won’t let it.

Good luck on your testing.

I checked my 128GB card in a V3 continuous recording in HD. It uses approx. 9.3GB a day so I figure it should last about 12 days in HD.

My guess will be 8-9 days max :slight_smile: