Fix-It-Friday 6/3/2022

I did just verify on one of mine (on Android) that it is working in the current beta. Hopefully the production app will be released soon.


Just downloaded the beta for iOS and it is there as an option. I’ll test it soon. Too bad the release notes don’t mention the fix.

Since that’s not a mistake (bug), we will need a wishlist for that feature request for people to vote for it :wink:


Some Wyze Buds Pro users reporting a loud buzzing/humming and change in volume

Starting to get multiple users reporting similar issues with Wyze Buds Pro (seems it happens a lot when users use 1 ear bud more often than the other?), and 1 user reporting a way they seemed to have resolved it.

Just thought I would report it in case it’s worth looking into (may not be a “bug” as much as a use and earwax issue?..but at least one user reports cleaning it did not change anything).


Landscape for Android Tablets and iPads.

oh, sorry never mind…



I know Wyze is already aware of this bug and working on it (thanks WyzeJasonJ for passing the information on to the appropriate team), but it seems we should report it here anyway for all those struggling with this issue still.

Cards up to 128GB work fine with exFAT format, but larger cards (256GB, 512GB, etc) in exFAT will only record video for a small amount of GB before it stops using the card (I have seen reports for limits of 20GB, 30GB, 84GB, 100GB). --Some users report that formating larger cards to FAT32 makes them work as normal, but even if this is the case, the issue should still be addressed/resolved.

There is a recent report that firmware in beta-testing may have fixed this bug for V2 cameras, but we still have no report about what’s going on with the rest of the cams, including the V3.

Lots of reports about this in the following threads:



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Cannot rewind event videos until after the video is fully uploaded
This was brought up at least three times in last month’s FIF. This is an important feature that we lost, resulting in our cameras being virtually useless for some of us.


The cameras are certainly almost useless to me now.

Two days ago I got a notification - went to look at it and was greeted with the live view with nothing on it. I waited a couple of minutes before I could rewind to the start of the event. Someone was stealing my neighbours pot plants from his garden … And I was too late to do anything!!!

The cameras are no longer any use for security - there really is no point in having them since the change.

Does anyone know why Wyze removed the rewind feature???


I’m not seeing things stolen, but I have rules setup on many of my WCO’s and V3’s to turn a Wyze Color Light on to let me know something is “in progress” at that moment (with the standard Wyze delay). If I grab my phone, tap on the notification to be taken to live view, where nothing is showing (this is how it always occurs), then tap over to events, I can’t view anything until it’s done uploading.

By then, the event is over… lucky for me it’s normally just wildlife or my Mail Carrier dropping off a package on the front door.

I’d prefer when I tap on the alert on my phone and be taken to the event (that is actually viewable), rather than the live view of the event that is no longer occurring because of the delay that occurs between the even occurring and the event making it to my phone.



Adding my support to @Aardvark, @ShardlowM, and @nixhome2020 as well as @jayjbarrow who has lobbied for a return of this now broken functionality.

As I wrote in my post in the last FIF referenced above in @Aardvark’s post, the change Wyze chose has introduced a serious security blind spot. If I am forced to wait until the end of the event to view it, it is already too late. These are no longer functional security cams but instead just trendy digital video recorders

Additionally, when I open an event from a notification, I can’t get to the SD playback (icon greyed out…reported in the past…ignored) to try to view it without fully backing out, opening the app, opening the cam live view and then clicking the view playback bar… Which won’t take me to the timestamp of the event.

By the time I do see what triggered the event and notification, which was delivered MINUTES after the event in the first place, it is far to late to do anything about it.


Wyze Chime Pro is publicly broadcasting the SSID “wzap########” instead of being hidden like other devices do.

This is a minor one that shouldn’t win for a Fix-It-Friday report (lots of the above are way higher priority), and it might even be considered a feature request instead of a bug. I still felt it was worth reporting for Wyze to take back to the team as a report for something that was brought up.

The reason I think it could be considered a bug is that every other Wyze device that acts as a hub, bridge, or some other connection to another device, hides the SSID, therefore logical deduction implies that Wyze’s intent is to hide the SSID, and that this one broadcasting it publicly is an oversight (not intentional), or all the others (for example, the WCO hub, or Chime V1) would publicly broadcast their SSIDs too, but they don’t.

General practice is to only broadcast an SSID if you need easy discovery for adding basically any device. The Chime Pro has no valid reason to broadcast the SSID since we never manually select it for anything, therefore professional best practice should be to make it hidden and not broadcast.

I’m sure it’s just an oversight.


Original Wyze Lock draining batteries fast sometimes

In different platforms (Forums, Discord, Reddit), I have seen multiple people saying that their locks are draining the battery abnormally fast for some reason. This is the latest post that reminded me to bring this up for Fix-It-Friday:

But this is not an isolated report. I have seen several, so it is worth reporting to see if someone can figure out why this happens to some people and not others.
(In that thread I suspected it might be related to a door misalignment issue causing excessive friction or something)


Any progress on the broken creating new Alexa Routines with Wyze cameras? It’s been at least 5 weeks since it has last worked. It was addressed in the May 5th fixit Friday but without resolution. Really want this back!!:smiling_face_with_tear:
Actually - I see that over on Wyze Reddit - it was posted on 6/1 that there may be a fix by June 10th from the Alexa side of things. Fingers crossed!!

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I had an independent research firm look this topic over and they say my ‘fix’ has the most merit

Vote peep! :ballot_box: (just upthread…)

Hi, everybody! :smiley:

Thank you for all the submissions that came in this weekend! We have a nice new list of topics to dig into.

Here’s what’s new:

Forum - Wyze Air Purifier Insights graph is not updating when expected :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We’re looking into this! Thanks for the report. We fixed something similar recently and are checking to see what’s going on here.

Core - Stationary vehicle tagging and person detection tagging shadows :taxi:

Alright, this one actually brings back an already active topic! But we figured we’d let you know about the developments for our AI Fix-It Friday entries.

We’re working on improvements that will allow us to flag (or ignore) objects that are stationary. One of the key components of this is that we need the camera to tell the cloud if the object has moved or not. This is going to require a firmware update and will be part of the multiple months-long process that we’ve been undertaking. When complete, this will allow things like moving vehicle detection instead of just telling you a vehicle was in the shot.

We’re also working on a solution that will show you what was identified as a person, vehicle, pet, etc. We suspect that folks are understandably assuming that the tagged motion would be what got tagged as an object like a person or pet but that’s not always the case. When you’re able to see what was recognized, you’ll be able to adjust the camera angle or the environment it’s looking at to reduce false positives. But this will also take a while and require a firmware update.

Because these initiatives will go a long time without updates that are meaningful to folks outside of the engineering team, we’re going to remove this from the update list until we have something more concrete to tell you about timing and progress.

Core - Shortcuts aren’t always working properly

We’re sending this over to the team for review! Could you please give us more details about the Shortcuts and their success ratio? Have you sent in any logs after some failed to run properly? What does the Rule History say the reason for failure was? To find that, go into Account > Rules > History.

The next time you see this go funky, please submit a log through the following instructions and then post the log number here:

Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Make sure you select your affected device and describe the issue in the description field. Giving the date, time, and time zone that you ran into the problem will help us locate the relevant area of the log more quickly!

Reddit - Wyze Cams on Cam Plus are only receiving Wyze AI notifications and not the standard motion-only notifications

Alright, the first step on this one is to make sure that your settings are correct on your side. There’s a lot that could go on here but the fastest thing to resolve is usually if the settings just need to be adjusted. Could you please let us know what your detection and notification settings are set to? In this case, we especially want to make sure that the All Other Motion option is turned on. If that’s all configured correctly, we’ll need to dive deeper into this like checking to make sure the cloud is matching your displayed settings in the app.

Discord - Camera is ignoring detection settings like sensitivity and zone

We have the team looking into this! If you’re running into this problem, please let us know the following information:

  • What cameras are impacted (Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Video Doorbell, etc.). Using the full product name will help us isolate this faster.
  • What app version you’re currently using.
  • After this happens, please submit a log using the following instructions and post the log number here:
    • Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Make sure you select your affected device and describe the issue in the description field. Giving the date, time, and time zone that you ran into the problem will help us locate the relevant area of the log more quickly!

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Cannot select Wyze Cams when building Alexa Routines in the Alexa app

This should be fixed around June 10th! The Alexa team says that’s when their app update that has the bug fix should be going out. Please let us know if the update does not resolve this for you. Otherwise, we’ll be taking this off of the update list.

Person Detection for Cam Plus Lite can’t be used in Wyze Rules but did work for Legacy Person Detection

We’re testing 2.32 in beta but need to make a new build. Hopefully we’ll have a new version ready for you to try later this week! If not, next week will probably have the release candidate.

Cam Plus Person Detection is turning off for people. One person reports a factory reset resolving the problem

We’ve been waiting for logs and other reports of this to come in for Fix-It Friday but haven’t been seeing any come in. If you see another community member experiencing this, please send them over to read this and lend a hand! Or just link to their post and we’ll follow up. If we don’t get any communication about this issue by next week, we’ll remove it from the update list.

Here are the log submission instructions again in case you’re experiencing this issue:

Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Make sure you select your affected device and describe the issue in the description field. Giving the date, time, and time zone that you ran into the problem will help us locate the relevant area of the log more quickly!


Wyze is adding all these new products but tech support has yet to address or respond to my V3 Cam plus issue for almost 2 years now. I have entered more that 3 support requests with no response and numerous customer service people have spent over a few hours trying to help - please advise!!!

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What issue are you having? Please create a thread in the appropriate category for further assistance.