Maximum micro SD card supported by wyze cam v3


What is the maximum capacity of micro SD card which is supported by wyze cam v3 ? Is it limited to 32Gb ? Also, do you recommend any specific micro SD card ?

Thank you.

The V3 is not limited to 32GB.

There are users who use cards up to 512GB, however there are reports here in the forums of incomplete space usage and recording stoppages on cards over 128mb. There is also discussion of retrieval latency on larger cards.

Additionally, there are considerations to be made regarding the type of format performed on large capacity cards.

I would suggest extensive reading and research on the subject. I have provided topic links below. You will find useful links in each topic as well as experienced users to reach out to who have experimented with various uSD Cards. These are only a couple links, there are many others to search and read in the forums.

As for the type of card, without hesitation I highly recommend High Endurance or Extreme High Endurance cards specifically designed for continuous recording in security cams or dash cams.


Thank you for all those information. Appreciate it.

By the way, got some questions related to it.

  1. What is the minimum write speed of SD card that you guys recommend ?

  2. How much hours of video does 32Gb can hold and how about 64 Gb ? (lets assume normal picture and high qualities) ?

SD cards must be Class 10 or above.

A 32 GB card can hold 48-72 hours (2-3 days) in HD mode, 168-192 hours in SD mode. A 64 GB card should get twice that.


Thank you for the reply…

one thing… do you recommend Class 10 or High endurance card ? I was looking at card, but it has write speed of only 40Mbps.

Do you recommend this High endurance or Sandisk extreme ones ?

Class 10 (also UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) and Video Speed Class 10 (V10)) is a 10 MB/sec write speed, so 40MB/sec should be fine. 10 MB/sec write speed is required on a Wyze device. High endurance is recommended.

I do not have a preference for any manufacturer; I have not had many issues with anybody’s, and I have used cards in continuous mode in all my cams for 4 years now. I think I had to replace one in all that time. Don’t think I’ve used Sandisk, tho.

One card even survived a 170 degree environment that made a cam intermittent. The cam was also fine once it was moved to a cooler location. :slight_smile:


Hello folks,
I use PNY 64gb class 10 U3 high speed camera uSD cards. They seem to work well right out of the package and give about 2 days of 1080P continuous recording
A 3 pack from Amazon was $22

Only 2 days on HD quality? Out of a 64GB uSD card?

I have 32GB and get 3.5 days on HD, 7 days on SD.

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Ok. Guess I didn’t wait long enough for the history to repopulate. Right now is june 8th at 12 noon. My history goes back to june 5th at 10pm
OK that makes 2.5 days apprx on HD at continuous. Are you recording events only?

No. Recording continuous 24\7 on 10 V3 all w\ 32GB High Endurance cards: 95MB/s U3 CL10 and 100MB/s U1 CL10.

Ah, my bad. Of my 11 cameras, that one was populated with a 32gb card before I switched to 64gb.

My V3 records 9.3GB a day in continuous HD recording to a 128GB card, it last a little over 11 days.

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I use SanDisk 256GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Cards in my Wyze Cam v3 cameras. I manage to get about nine days of recordings on them. I’ve had neighbors wait several days before asking me to check my cameras after a crime has occurred so the extra capacity has come in handy…

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Are your cams writing the uSD cards to full capacity or are they only filling partially? Full HD continuous recording on 256GB should result well in excess of 24 days.

See the topic links in my post above, especially this one:

There is a problem with the cam being able to use the full capacity of a uSD card over 128GB. Right now the cost of a massive uSD isn’t justified if the cam can’t use all of it.

Thank you. I didn’t know about the nine day / 100GB limit, which explains why my cards were always only partially full. Until that changes, I can save $15 per card by getting the 128GB cards instead. I can move my 256GB cards over to my DSLR camera.

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