Update to the SD Card recording thread

So after having a lengthy chat with a young lady from support It was requested that I repost my problem here for the developer team to take a look at.

Long story short(ish)… I have 256 Gig SD cards in my 2 x V3 cams, formatted exfat. These were inserted on the morning of 17th March and I have the event recordings to show this happening and recorded to my album and iMac. Recordings are HD. I checked religiously every day to see when the earliest available recording to the SD card was. Up until today it was., yes you guessed the 17th. This morning however I checked and the 17th SD Card recordings have gone (the events for that day are still available in the events tab) - I am on Cam Plus - Sorry I did say this was going to be short(ish)

So chatting to support, we went through the usual

  • SD card size problem? Nope you removed the formatting limit by introducing Exfat. (and besides another user said they use 256 Gig cards ok)

  • “Usually, your recordings should be stored within 14 days and will be automatically erased after the
    14th.” - No that is for Cloud recordings

  • “For 32GB and you are using the standard video, it will take 7-8 days and the card will be full” - No the recordings are only taking up 80 Gig of the 256 Gig card

And so on and so on.

All want is for recordings on a 256 Gig card to actually use all the space available, thus giving me the most amount of time a can go back and watch said recordings. To add my recordings were all HD so using about 8-9 Gig per day so should at least give me 24 days

Anyone able to confirm the following please…

You are recording to 128-256 Gig SD Card in a V3, and you can use the playback tab to watch recordings from the SD card more than 8 days old? if you can how far back can you go and are you recording in HD, SD or 360p

Thank you for taking the time to read this fellow users. I am now hoping the Dev team will do the same.



I invested in micro-center 512GB cards a while back trying to max out my continuous recording capability and experienced much the same problem. I swapped cards on a v3 with current firmware on march 18th and right now the furthest bac it can playback is March 23rd 8am. It’s the 26th at 3:30pm now so only 3d8h of recording time, bunk! app shows 30 GB in use of 465.69GB available… That card was formatted by the mkfs.fat command in linux. mkfs.fat -i “${TokenizedID}” “${Target}1” to be exact. I was saving and reapplying the ID number after doing a full wipe and badblocks test of the card so that I roughly can count on the same ID number correlating to what camera it was from. I formatted another just today with mkfs.exfat and it shows up as 464.37GB. Same model card in same model camera… What sucks is I will have to wait a month or more to know if its able to fully use the card now. I hate waiting… GRR

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I am willing to bet you BillyCroan that you will not have to wait a month. Do what I did, check the earliest recording available each day and I bet you that you will know a lot sooner than you think :slight_smile:

Also, I am more than a little concerned why this hasn’t been picked up previously? Personally I would consider this a “gamestopper”


I’m willing to bet that if you take the cards out and put them into a computer, you will see your older recordings. The camera interface just doesn’t show recordings older than 2 weeks.

I just looked at one of my V2 cameras that is in a location that gets VERY little motion changes. The oldest recordings on a 64GB card are 16 days 5 hours and a few minutes old. The card shows essentially full as is normal).

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speadie, I’ll take that bet :slight_smile:
Already checked that, in addition the card capacities reach a certain level, in my case about 82 Gig for one cam and 88 Gig for the other, and never go any higher. If the missing recordings were “hidden” what space are they using?
Thank you for the suggestion anyhow.


K6CCC, thanks for checking. Can I assume from the figures you provided that your recording is SD or 360p not HD?

I have a 32 gig card in a V2, set to events only on local storage, and I have clips on playback back to March 1st in the morning. Set to hd. Minimal traffic on this one as it’s my cats food bowls :slight_smile: The biggest cards I have in cams are 64 gig and haven’t heard of the large ones only filing up partially before.

Cloud storage settings or services are completely seperate from the local storage function and operate Independantly of eachother.

Thanks for the reply Omgitstony.
I am a little surprised those figures are for HD recording. My least busy camera faces my backyard, with basically nothing going on and that is racking up 9 Gigs per 24 hours, but that was topping out at 88 Gigs total in use on the 256 Gig card, before day 1 was deleted after 7 days. I reformatted that one last night and set the recording to SD. In the following 21 hours since doing that the card shows 3.6 Gig in use.
Checking my cam facing the street which I set to SD last night, the cam has deleted the day 1 again (18th) This one is heavily used, but I do not want to format it yet as I want to see how long it continues to delete using SD quality and how much it uses per day.

If anyone else would like to help me out and check their V3 cams with HD recording to SD Card as requested in my original posting above, I would really appreciate it.


Nope. That is in HD. However remember that the recording data rate depends a lot on how much the image changes from frame to frame. That camera is inside a room at a mountaintop radio site looking at the door and emergency generator. Other than the amount of light leaking around the door changing between night and throughout the day - and for a couple days a single strand of a spider web in front of the camera - nothing changed.

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An update…
Since changing the recordings to SD quality, The street facing cam has still deleted the 18th recording and the total space in use on the card has dropped from 82 Gig to 80 Gig. (after 21 hours of recording at SD)
So basically I can say for sure that when it deletes day 1, it frees up that space on the card. (I didnt think to check this previously)


Thanks K6CCC, I am struggling to explain your experience against mine. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for this to be happening. Yes I may have more going on in frame than you or Omgitstony, but that should just make the file size/numbers larger on the localstorage.

It’s not like cloud recording has any connection with local storage. I can’t see Wyze restricting the maximum card use or file sizes

Being the weekend, I am just hoping that someone from Wyze or the Dev team will confirm that this is being looked into.


Note that mine is a V2 and you are comparing a V3. And that could be a difference. I don’t have any V3 cameras that have such little activity. I do have a spare V3 laying around that could put into a location with no activity, but it will of course be a couple weeks before I have a comparison…

K6CCC, If you have nothing to better to do then yes I would appreciate that. I don’t anticipate a fast resolution to be honest. The more info I can arm myself with the better I think :slight_smile: If not, then thanks for the offer.


Events only local storage for the win! Doesn’t record when no motion is observed.

What local storage mode are you using? Continuous or events only? Proboly continuous, but you haven’t stated.

OK, I have a V3 in a location that should have VERY little activity. It’s actually a two part test. I have a WiFi connection issue in that location that I can’t explain, and I want to see if a V3 behaves any different than a V2. Like the V2, the V3 is set for continuous recording in HD with a 64 GB card.

Omgitstony - Continuous mode. I do have a good reason for this over Events mode. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing missed notifications and missed events.
The front cam looks out over the front of my house which is on a busy side street, constant car and pedestrian traffic etc. My car i(the white Mini) is also parked on the road there. Because of the constant alerts, I have masked off the road and pavement (sidewalk for the US peeps) so I only get event alerts when someone comes up to my door. If anything say happens to my car It will not be recorded.

3 weeks ago the police knocked and asked me if my camera was constantly recording as they were trying to trace someone who had walked down my road, I said yes, unfortunately the date they were interested in (10 days previously) had been deleted. I also caught an accident outside in the road which would not have been recorded in Event only mode.

Attached screenshot for clarity

Sorry a bit long winded


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Thanks K6CCC. Like you I eagerly await your findings :slight_smile:


The cat food dishes is the only one I think that’s set to events to local storage right now, all the rest are set to continuous.

Missed events as in the event tab off the main page of the app? App notifications and events in the event tab are a function of the cloud storage/services. App notifications are triggered from cloud events. Cloud storage and local storage (SD card) are each seperate and Independant functions of eachother. You can have one, both or neither at anytime. The settings if one to not effect the other as they each have their own seperate set of settings. Events only to local storage is not events only to cloud storage, they are different features.

Omgitstony, there are many stories recounted on the Wyze Facebook groups of missed notifications and even missed recordings. I have experienced these myself. I get an event when my next door neighbour leaves and takes her little girl to school, but sometimes I do not get an event trigger nor event notification when she returns 10 minutes later. (and no I am not creeping on her :slight_smile:) I even have it happen when I leave the house and return from shopping oto only have the return event trigger. Needless to say none of the missed events are. recorded.

I should add that have a rule set up to upload a short video to the cloud upon movement detected. So I actually should, and mostly do get 2 notifications, one a “smart” and one a “complete”

I am aware that cloud recording and local recording are handled differently, and as previously stated I do not see how one would affect the other. But something is affecting local storage recording, as recounted previously on this thread.